With UFC Strike, you can own and trade officially licensed video NFTs of the most epic Moments straight from inside the Octagon–and out!

Got a favorite fighter? Looking forward to an upcoming fight? Here’s a simple explanation of what you can do next with UFC Strike from perusing the Marketplace, being part a Pack Drop, taking part in epic Challenges and exclusive entry to the Champion Club.

Shop the Marketplace

The Marketplace lets you buy, sell and browse some of the most iconic UFC Moments. Here are a few things you can do to get you started in the Marketplace:

  • Head to the UFC Strike Marketplace
  • Search for your favorite fighter, like Khabib. Use the toolbar on the top left. 
  • Just dipping your toes into it? Sort by Lowest Ask in the dropdown on the top right. This Hype NFT is a good example.
  • Click into a Moment and watch the clip, see how many are listed, their price, and edition number. Try it with this submission from Nate Diaz.
  • List your Hype NFT! In your collection, you’ll see your Hype NFT. Click into it > hit “Sell” > set your price > and list it for sale. 

In the Marketplace, you’ll find two types of NFTs: 

Moments are unique, limited-edition NFTs of the most iconic video highlights of strikes, knockouts, submissions, and more, straight from the action in the Octagon. Here’s a Moment that’s currently for sale. 

Hype NFTs feature action from outside of the Octagon like a hilarious interview, a legendary face-off or top-tier smack talk. They are a collectible and will primarily be distributed as promotional items or rewards. You can list them for $$ in the Marketplace, though! Like this one. 

Secure a (Starter) Pack

Being part of a Pack Drop is one of the most exciting parts of UFC Strike! Starter Packs are the best way to begin your NFT journey as a fight fan. Secure a set of three (3) digital collectibles for just $10 at any time. Add to your Collection by ripping open your first pack and securing your favorite fighters!

Except for Starter Packs, all of our pack drops take place during a limited, pre-determined point in time. You've got to be quick to secure one! Bookmark the Drops page, so once there's a drop, you’ll know the steps to secure a Pack:

  1. Add funds to your Dapper Wallet. Or create one, if you haven’t already. (You can also use a credit or debit card at checkout.) 
  2. Head to the Pack Drop page. 
  3. The Waiting Room opens 30 minutes prior to the Pack Drop. It’s important you join the waiting room before the Pack Drop begins. 
  4. Once the Pack Drop begins, you’ll be taken from the Waiting Room and put into the Queue. The Queue is randomized and your place in line may dictate if you’re able to secure a pack. (It’s important to keep your browser open or you’ll be placed at the end of the Queue!)
  5. You can also choose to be notified via email when your turn comes up. 
  6. You’re up! Click “Buy” and go through the checkout.
  7. The Packs you’ve purchased will appear in your Collections. Now this is the good part, open ‘em up! 

Complete Challenges

Challenges are a way for Collectors (that’s you!) to gain rewards through specific actions. There are a few different types of Challenges.

Collection Challenges: Collect the required number and type of Moments by the deadline, and you’ll be eligible for the reward. For example, the UFC 273 Collection Challenge.

Burn Challenges: Using our Moment Burning Tool, destroy Moments from a specific series and tier to be awarded with a better Moment. This is an irreversible process, once a Moment NFT is burned, it’s gone forever. But it’s worth it! For example, the Khamzat Chimaev Moment Burn Challenge.

Hybrid Challenges: These are a combination of collection and burn challenges, the best of both worlds! For example, the Paddy Pimblett Hybrid Moment Burn Challenge.

Join the Champion Club

Membership to the Champion Club requires one simple but highly-coveted thing, having a UFC Strike Champion Moment in your Collection. And membership has its privileges! 

From now until the end of 2023, membership in the Champion Club will be defined as owning 1 Champion Moment. 

Real life benefits include exclusive hospitality lounges with food and drink, VIP experiences at select UFC events, the upcoming release of Champion Club merch with the community weighing in on design and a UFC Fight Pass (coming soon). And that’s just what we’ve started with! 

UFC Strike Platform Benefits include an exclusive Champion Club Discord channel (think special giveaways and prizes); quarterly airdrops of UFC Strike Packs/Moments and Hype NFTs; and soon we’ll be experimenting with priority access to select Pack Drops. 

Check out the Champion Moments for sale in the Marketplace!