Now is your chance to earn the most exclusive Paddy Pimblett digital collectible on the UFC Strike platform to date. 

Celebrate Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett, “Meatball” Molly McCann, and this weekend’s epic UFC London Fight Card by completing the Paddy Pimblett Hybrid Moment Burn Challenge to win an officially-licensed Challenger Moment NFT of Paddy Pimblett!

The Hybrid Moment Burn Challenge begins tomorrow, Friday, July 22 immediately following the UFC London Pack Drop and runs up until 11am PT on Tuesday, July 26. Check out the steps needed to earn the ultra-rare Paddy Reward!


Please read carefully. In order to earn a Paddy Pimblett Challenger Moment Reward, Collectors must complete Step 1 AND Step 2 by the deadline, 11 AM PT on Tuesday, July 26.

The Moment Burn Tool will be live sometime following the London Pack Drop and the release of the Molly McCann Contender Moment (required to complete Step 1) on July 22. We strongly recommend completing Step 2 (burning five Paddy Contender Moments) only after completing Step 1 (collecting the Molly McCann Moment). The amount of Paddy Challenger Moment Rewards will be minted to completion.

How To Earn Multiple Rewards: Collectors who wish to earn multiple Paddy Rewards may do so by completing Step 2 multiple times, but they only need to complete Step 1 once. For example, burning 10 Paddy Moments would earn a collector two (2) Paddy Rewards as long as they also completed Step 1 (hold one Molly McCann Moment) at time of Challenge snapshot deadline. They would not receive any additional Rewards for holding two or more Molly McCann Contender Moments.


  • Friday, July 22nd at 10 AM PT: Molly McCann Series 1 Contender Moment drops in UFC London Packs.
  • Friday, July 22nd at TBD (Post-Drop): Immediately after UFC London Pack Drop is complete, the Moment Burning tool will be turned on.
  • Tuesday, July 26th at 11 AM PT: The Challenge ends. The Moment Burning tool will be turned off, and a snapshot will be taken to determine the edition size for the Reward. 
  • Post Snapshot: The new Reward will be minted and airdropped to eligible fans. Collectors may earn more than one reward based on how many sets of five (5) Paddy Pimblett Series 0 Contender Moments they burned.



  • Most Common: Collector A collects 5 Paddy Pimblett Series 0 Moment NFTs and one (1) Molly McCann Series 1 Contender Moment; Collector A is eligible to complete the Hybrid Burn Challenge one time by HOLDING the Molly McCann Moment and BURNING all five Paddy Pimblett Moments as of the July 26 11am PT final snapshot.
  • No Molly, No Reward: Collector B has 5 Paddy Moments and zero (0) Molly Moments; Collector B is NOT ELIGIBLE to complete the Challenge.
  • You only need one Molly! Collector C has five (5) Paddy Moments and five (5) Molly Moments; Collector C can only complete the Challenge one (1) time. There is no challenge benefit to having more than one Molly Moment.
  • Multiple Rewards Allowed: Collector D has 10 Paddy Moments and one (1) Molly Moment; Collector D is eligible to complete the Hybrid Burn Challenge up to two times. Collector D could also choose to complete the Challenge just once by burning only five of the 10 Paddy Moments they collected.


The Reward—a Paddy Pimblett Challenger Moment—features “The Baddy” earning a round one stoppage earlier in 2022 at London’s O2 Arena. This will be the Pimblett's second Moment NFT on UFC Strike. His first, of course, is the Series 0 Contender Moment being burned in this Hybrid Challenge.

The Reward will be minted precisely based on the number of Challenge completions with a maximum of 2500 minted. If the maximum number of completions is reached we will turn off the Burn Tool.


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