With our first pack drop in the books, we wanted to update our community on what’s next for UFC Strike in the short term and long term. Don’t forget, as a THANK YOU to everyone who purchased UFC Strike: Fully Loaded packs, you should be receiving your gifted Moment(s) by the end of today. So check your account and tag us on Twitter and Instagram with what you pulled.

Initially, we had planned to have another release of Fully Loaded packs on January 31st, but as we look to address the community’s feedback, specifically around Moments being viewable in your Dapper Wallet before the pack is opened and the assembling of packs, we are pushing this drop to February 15th, where we will be releasing an additional 30,000 Fully Loaded packs for sale.

We also wanted to share an update on some other features that you can expect to see from UFC Strike.


We are excited to announce that the UFC Strike Marketplace will also launch on February 15th. This will allow you to purchase individual Moments from others, in addition to listing your own Moments for sale. So if you have been eyeing a particular UFC Strike NFT to add to your collection, February 15th will be the day to do it. If you are new to the NFT space or UFC Strike, be sure to read our 101 blog, on all the basics you need to know to get started.

Series 1 Preview:

With Series 0 wrapping up on the 15th, we are excited to share more information on what’s to come in Series 1. Here is just a small teaser of what’s to come…

  • Regular Pack Drops
  • New Moments from UFC’s past and present
  • More Athlete Integrations & Partnerships
  • Benefits for UFC Moment holders
  • and more!

Again, we are so excited to break new ground in the MMA and NFT space with this community, and looking forward to sharing more details about this journey with you shortly.