The second drop of Series 1 is coming in smoking hot. Introducing The 209 Pack featuring the UFC’s most iconic brother duo, Legends Nick and Nate Diaz. Celebrating the brothers’ UFC legacy, this Special Edition set is named “The 209” in recognition of their Stockton, CA roots and the 209 area code. 


  • 2500 packs for sale
  • Packs go on sale on April 20th at 11 AM PT; waiting room opens at 10:30 AM PT
  • Pack Cost: $40 
  • A maximum of 1 pack per collector
  • Each pack contains 3 UFC Strike NFTs, including a guaranteed Nick or Nate Diaz Challenger Moment with an edition size of 1420, and two Series 1 Contender Moments
  • Purchase packs at via your Dapper account



Nick Diaz: After dodging a flurry of punches, Nick Diaz lands a counter right hand against Robbie Lawler at UFC 47, leading to a knockout victory.

Nate Diaz: celebrating a certain victory as he submits Kurt Pellegrino via a textbook triangle choke, which earned him a Submission of the Night award.


These Moments are the first to feature in our “The 209” special edition, with more Moments to be added in the future. As a reminder, these Moments will still fall within the Athlete scarcity rules laid out in our update earlier this week. Read our full update here.

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