Thank you UFC Strike community for an amazing year to date. In a short few months, we’ve seen everything from UFC champions donning their Moments as chains, to legends like Conor McGregor and Anderson Silva having some of their most iconic Moments immortalized on the blockchain. We are excited to share with the community some updates on what you can expect including new content, ways to utilize your Moments, rewards, and product improvements on the horizon.

We exist to bring fans closer to the sport they love. Whether you are looking for a new way to support your favorite athlete, build a collection of the most iconic Moments in UFC history, invest in athletes that you believe will become the next stars of the sport, or connect with a global community of fight fans, we want UFC Strike to be a place where you can express your love for MMA unlike ever before. Read more below about how we plan to make this a reality, specifically through updated guidelines for athlete scarcity, doubling down ways to use your Moments in challenges, some great upcoming drops, and product enhancements on the way.

Scarcity is a core part of any collectible market, and we are excited to share some additional guidelines that we will be adhering to for the remainder of Series 0 & 1 centered around Athletes.

  • Athletes will have no more than 3 different Moments across Series 0 & 1 combined
  • Athletes will have no more than 1 Champion Tier Moment across Series 0 & 1. As a reminder, athletes must have held a title or be currently holding a title to be eligible for a Champion Tier Moment.
  • Athletes will have no more than 1 Contender Tier Moment across Series 0 & 1. 
  • There will be no more than 3,000* total Champion Tier Moment editions across Series 0 & 1 combined.

While most of the Athletes featured in UFC Strike Moments will not reach these thresholds, we wanted to share the maximum numbers above to enable the Community to make more informed decisions.

*Initially we planned to mint no more than 10,000 Champion Tier Moments, which has now been decreased to 3,000 for Series 0 & 1 combined.

This past weekend we piloted our very first Collection Challenge for UFC 273, giving fans a whole new way to follow the action on Fight Night. We see Collection Challenges as a core part of the UFC Strike experience and will be continuing to release more Challenges on a regular basis. We plan on launching a Collection Challenge around an absolutely LOADED UFC 274 card, featuring two title bouts, with Charles Oliveira seeking to defend his belt against Justin Gaethje, and Rose Namajunas doing the same against a streaking Carla Esparza.

Rewards for completing these challenges will vary, but to start you can expect to receive Moments held in reserve, packs, Fandom Tier Moments, and eventually UFC fan rewards including merchandise, memorabilia, and real-life experiences.

We want all the new Moments entering the UFC Strike platform to have a strong purpose and reason for being.

We are excited to announce our next drop will take place on 4/20, headlined by the most iconic brother duo in UFC history Nate & Nick Diaz. Celebrating the brothers’ Stockton roots, The 209 pack will feature one Moment from each of their UFC careers, this will be an extremely limited drop, with only 2500 packs available, and each pack containing either a Nick or Nate Diaz Challenger Moment minted to only 1420. We will share more information on this drop later this week.

Looking ahead to UFC 274, we realize how special Fight Nights are, whether you are tuning in on your couch with friends, or in the arena taking in the action live, and we want UFC Strike to be a part of that fan experience. So we are excited to share that we will be releasing a pack centered around UFC 274, including Moments of athletes who will be participating in the PPV event. This new format will enable the UFC Strike team to cook up fun new challenges tied to the event, while giving fans an immediate opportunity to utilize their new Moments. We will be sharing more details on this as we get closer to the end of the month.

We are working on significant updates and upgrades to the UFC Strike experience, starting with the Marketplace. We are in the process of implementing multiple quality of life and stability improvements. One of the items that we are looking at closely is the issue of scripting, which we take very seriously. We plan to implement ways to make the marketplace experience a more equitable one. We aren’t quite ready to share an exact date, but know that improving the marketplace is our number one priority from a development aspect.

We want your feedback. We want this product to serve the needs of our community, and we need your help to shape it. From the types of rewards you’d like to see incorporated in the platform, to the product improvements most important to you. If you have made this far in the update, it means you’re pretty invested so let us know what you think by completing this google survey!


See you in the Octagon.