UFC Strike: Achievements, XP and Leveling

As mentioned in our previous blog post, The Road Ahead, Fandom is at the heart of what we are building here at UFC Strike, and we believe collectors should be rewarded for their activity on the platform. That’s why we recently launched Fan Profiles, a new system where collectors can track their collection progress in UFC Strike. We’re excited to announce the next iteration of the Profile system: Achievements, XP and Leveling.

Achievements and XP: 

With the new achievements system, collectors will be able to track and be rewarded for their activity in UFC Strike. By accomplishing various activities, collectors will gain XP (Experience Points), which will be used to level up their profile (more on that in a second). The more difficult the activity, the higher the XP. 

Below is a list of achievements a user can be rewarded for at launch:

  • Submit a UFC Strike Now card (free or paid) - 50 XP
  • Purchase a UFC Strike Now collectible - 50 XP
  • Get 1st Place on the UFC Strike Now Leaderboard - 1,000 XP
  • Top 10 on the UFC Strike Now Leaderboard - 100 XP
  • Have a 100% win rate any UFC SN pick submission - 100 XP
  • Purchase a Common tier Moment on the Marketplace - 5 XP
  • Purchase a Fandom tier Moment on the Marketplace - 10 XP
  • Purchase an Uncommon tier Moment on the Marketplace - 15 XP
  • Purchase a Rare tier Moment on the Marketplace - 40 XP
  • Purchase an Epic tier Moment on the Marketplace - 100 XP
  • Purchase a Champion tier Moment on the Marketplace - 1,000 XP

We plan to add additional achievements as we continue to build out the Fan Profile experience. In addition, we may adjust some of the XP values later on in order to rebalance the system. 


Gaining XP through achievements allows collectors to level up their Fan Profile, which unlocks exclusive rewards at various levels. With 50 Levels and a Prestige system, there will be plenty to look forward to regardless of whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard collector. 

At launch, everyone will start off at Level 1 Amateur. As you compete, collect, and engage, your Fan Profile will level up automatically to unlock unique rewards. These rewards will include cosmetic upgrades (Avatars, Banners, Badges, etc.), as well as reward packs with higher valued moments at higher levels.

Below is a sample list of the rewards at various levels:

  • Level 5 (Prospect) - Prospect Rewards Pack
  • Level 10 (Prodigy) - Prodigy Rewards Pack
  • Level 20 (Elite) - Elite Rewards Pack
  • Level 30 (Champ) - Champ Rewards Pack
  • Level 40 (Legend) - Legend Rewards Pack
  • Level 50 (Prestige) - Prestige Rewards Pack

There will be other rewards sprinkled throughout and in-between these levels. While we won’t have the reward mechanic to claim these packs directly in the UI, we will be tracking what levels fans are at and retroactively reward them once the functionality is built out in the future.

Wow, we know that’s a lot to process! We hope you can see our vision for the long term - the more you engage with UFC Strike and the ecosystem we are building, the more you will earn. We are looking to reward your progress with UFC Strike both online and in-real life. In saying that, 2024 utility will be even better than past years and will continue to provide the best community in Web3 awesome perks. 

Continue to Own the Glory!