UFC Strike is embarking on the next phase of its evolution, cementing itself as one of the top fan engagement platform for fight fans all over the world! We’re excited to announce a series of new features, updates, and improvements as we look forward to the end of the year and beyond.

Ever since Concept Labs took over UFC Strike (less than 9 months ago!), we’ve been committed to maintaining the momentum Dapper Labs built, while also fully transitioning the product to our team. Now that the transition is complete, we’re ready to push through with many of the requests our community has been asking for.

Website Redesign:

We are currently redesigning our website and overall UFC Strike experience to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Better communicate our unique value proposition as the exclusive video digital collectible partner of UFC, and the industry-leading utility of VIP access, perks, and merch for holding digital collectibles
  2. Facilitate a digestible and frictionless experience for new fans to get into UFC Strike and begin their collection journey
  3. Create a unified website experience that connects our products and pages into a holistic ecosystem that looks and feels like one application
  4. Showcase the intrinsic value of building a collection, and make it more accessible to different collectors so everyone can share in the emotional connection of collecting their favorite athletes
  5. Improve the overall usability through quality-of-life fixes and enhancements throughout the marketplace and collections page

As we design this new experience, we will solicit feedback from the community to ensure it’s intuitive, easy to navigate, and accomplishes these goals. We plan to improve iteratively over the coming months.

Fan Profiles and Achievements:

Draft designs only; subject to change

Fandom is at the heart of what we are building here at UFC Strike, and we believe collectors should be rewarded for their activity on the platform. Whether you’re a completionist looking to collect every set, a challenger that plays every challenge, or a picks expert competing in UFC Strike Now, your time and effort should be reflected for the world to see.

That’s where Fan Profiles and Achievements come into play: gamifying the collection process to continuously reward activity within UFC Strike. By creating a UFC Strike account (different from the existing Dapper account), collectors will be able to track their progress, level up their profile, and receive rewards through achievements. Fight fans will be able to connect with other like-minded collectors and bring a more social aspect into the platform.

We will release more specific communications around Fan Profiles and Achievements soon, however we are already in development and will be releasing features starting in Q4.

Moments Integration and Improvements to UFC Strike Now: 

While we are overwhelmed with the positive reaction we received from UFC Strike Now so far, we know that it still falls short from where the community expects it to be. We’ve heard the feedback about integrating Moments into UFC Strike Now, which is why it is top of mind for our team to build that integration. We are actively ideating and designing that functionality now, with plans to release in the near future.

We also know that the points system needs to be tweaked to create a more fair and balanced game, especially for free players. We are working on more ways to limit pay-to-win mechanics, while also still rewarding players even if they are outside of the leaderboard.

Also, on our radar is creating marketplace support for UFC Strike Now collectibles so collectors can freely buy and sell. As a reminder, UFC Strike Now collectibles are minted on-demand, so once an event closes, we do not mint anymore of them, making them extremely scarce.

All in all, UFC Strike Now is the premier destination for fans to dive into the upcoming action and keep coming back for more each week. We will showcase the utility of the entire UFC Strike ecosystem and reward our current collectors in UFC Strike Now with these next development steps.

Challenge Tool and Burn Tool:

Challenges are an essential piece of engagement for our platform, and we’ve heard the community loud and clear on their desire for improvements in this area. In the coming months, we will be creating a tool to allow for intuitive challenge submissions and tracking, new challenge types, and more. 

Additionally, we will be making improvements to the Burn Tool, to make sure the burn process is easier and more efficient for our collectors who compete in burn challenges. These improvements include the ability to burn more than one Moment at a time, as well as sorting and filtering.

So, you can see how busy we are! Our goals are to continue giving our community the best utility in Web3, deliver on what you ask for, and further grow our community through the UFC Strike Now product.

We will continue our bi-weekly cadence of Office Hours in Discord and provide quick weekly updates of what each internal team is working on. Thanks as always for your support!