UFC is back in London for the massive UFC 286 card this weekend, and we’re celebrating by bringing back the Fan Vote to determine the UFC 286 Collection Challenge reward!

Collect the necessary UFC Strike Moments to earn a vote and a Moment from UFC 286! The highlight from UFC 286 that gets the most votes will be issued to qualified collectors as the reward!


The UFC 286 Collection Challenge requires fans to meet certain criteria with their UFC Strike Collection. The reward? One Vote + One Fandom Moment per completion, pending the outcome of the UFC 286 Fan Vote.

Three Requirements. No limit on how many rewards can be earned! Starting now thru the Challenge deadline of 11AM PT on Tuesday, March 21.

Here’s the Challenge Tale of the Tape. 


Complete the below Criteria to win a Fandom Moment from the winner of the UFC 286 Collection Challenge vote. 

Here are the three Challenge Criteria! 

Criteria 1: Own ALL of the following Contender Moments (5 Moments total):

Criteria 2: Own ANY 2 UNIQUE of the following Challenger Moments (2 Moments total):

Criteria 3: Own ANY 1 of the following Fandom Moments (1 Moment total):

Challenge Reward: 1 Fandom Moment, including a vote on what that Moment will be!

If you complete the criteria as of the deadline, you will receive a voting form via email, and you will receive a Fandom Moment of the winner of that vote (regardless of whether you voted or not, or if you voted for a different fighter).

For Collectors in the Champion Club, membership has its privileges.If you hold one of the below Champion Rarity Moments, you automatically will receive the reward airdropped to your account. You can complete Champion Club more than once for multiple rewards by holding more than one of the following Moments, or duplicates of one of the below Moments.

Champion Club Pass: Own any of the following Champion Moments to automatically earn the Fandom Moment reward (1 Moment Total):

CC Pass Reward: 1 Fandom Moment, including a vote on what that Moment will be!

Complete the Challenge or Champion Club Pass to earn a vote + Fandom Moment. You may complete both multiple times for multiple votes + rewards!

UFC 286 features a welterweight trilogy between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman for the welterweight championship, as well as a co-main event between highly ranked lightweights Justin Gaethje and Rafael Fiziev. 

Justin Gaethje fan? Earn his KO vs Edson Barboza as a Challenger Moment in the ongoing Justin Gaethje Burn Challenge!


Challenge Deadline: The Challenge runs from right now to the final snapshot at 11AM PT on Tuesday, March 21!

We will take a snapshot at that time to determine which Collectors qualify for the final reward. 


There is no limit to how many times Collectors can complete this Challenge! One reward per completion. One vote per completion. Multiple completions? Multiple votes and rewards.

The Fan Vote will be between any of the winners from UFC 286. The following fighters are excluded from consideration given they already have a Fandom Moment in circulation OR have reached the max amount of total Moments across Series 0 and Series 1: Leon Edwards, Muhammad Mokaev, Justin Gaethje. Read more about scarcity rules here.

You may only vote on one fighter, though if you complete the challenge criteria and/or Champion Club Pass multiple times your vote will be multiplied to count for as many times as you completed. 

This Challenge is the only way to earn the Moment that is minted as a reward from UFC 286.