All eyes are on Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane this Saturday in the Heavyweight Championship Main Event at UFC 285… but several would-be challengers wait in the wings to meet the winner.

Among them, the only man to defeat Francis Ngannou in a title fight. A man who also is the only fighter besides Jon Jones to defeat Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier twice… Oh, and he also is a 2x UFC Heavyweight Champion with four title defenses.

We’re of course talking about Stipe Miocic. And here’s your chance to earn a UFC-licensed Moment NFT featuring the audio and video of his epic KO finish vs. a former HW Champ.

Collect, burn and win in the UFC 285 Hybrid Challenge, starting right now.


Earn a Stipe Miocic Moment by completing ALL THREE of the below Criteria. The Moment will be minted to completion!

Deadline: Collectors have until 11AM PT on Tuesday, March 7 to complete the Challenge. We will take a snapshot at that time to determine who meets the Challenge criteria. 

The Burn Tool will be deactivated at the deadline. But it sure is on right now


The officially-licensed, fully-tradable Challenger Moment features Stipe Miocic’s crushing knockout against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 211. This victory was his first second title defense, and set up the first meeting between Miocic and Francis Ngannou.

The Reward will be minted in the Challenger Rarity Tier if there are between 250 and 2,500 completions. If there are fewer than 250 or more than 2,500 completions, the Reward will be minted to the Fandom Rarity Tier. See below for more details, or you can learn more about Rarity Tiers here.

There is no cap on the amount of times a Collector can choose to complete this Challenge. One Reward per completion.


Complete ALL THREE (3) criteria to earn the Miocic Moment. You may complete multiple times for multiple rewards.

Collection Criteria 1: Own ANY 2 Contender Moments of fighters competing on the UFC 285 Main Card. The two (2) Moments must be from a combination of fighters. (2 Moments total):

Collection Criteria 2: Own ANY 1 Challenger or Fandom Moment from fighters competing at UFC 285, excluding newly dropped Moments in UFC 285 Base + Elite packs. (1 Moment total):

Burn Criteria: Burn ANY 2 Moments of fighters competing on the UFC 285 Early or Late Prelims. You may choose to burn two Moments from the same fighter, as long as they are one of the four listed below. (2 Moments total):

The Burn Tool will be active until the Challenge Deadline. Only Moments burned during the UFC 285 Hybrid Challenge window will be counted. No burns from previous Challenges will be counted.

Want multiple Rewards? You may complete the above Criteria multiple times for multiple Moment Rewards!


Champion Club Pass is a special boost applied to certain Champion Rarity Tier Moments for use in a Challenge, and ultimately to earn a Reward! 

For the UFC 285 Hybrid Challenge, Collectors who hold any of the three below Champion Moments automatically earn the Reward. One Reward per below Champion Moment held.

You may still choose to complete the Challenge Criteria to earn more prizes. 


The UFC-licensed Video NFT will be minted and distributed in the days following the Challenge Deadline. 

Collectors may earn as many Rewards as they would like. 

In the case where fewer than 250 Collectors qualifying for the Reward or more than 2,500, the Stipe Miocic Moment will be minted to the Fandom Tier. Due to our Scarcity Rules, this Moment can not be minted to the Champion Rarity Tier, given there already exists a Stipe Miocic Champion Moment.