The fan vote is back! And the results from UFC Vegas 70 this Saturday will determine which fighters are up for the vote!

The fighter with the most votes will have his or her Moment minted from the event!


The UFC Vegas 70 Collection Challenge requires fans to meet certain criteria with their UFC Strike Collection. The Reward? One vote per completion. One Fandom Moment per completion. You determine what gets minted as a Reward!

Three Requirements. No limit on how many Rewards can be earned! Starting now thru the Challenge deadline of 11AM PT on Tuesday, February 28.

Here’s the Challenge Tale of the Tape. 


Anything can happen in the Octagon. Across the 13 bouts at UFC Vegas 70, fans will be able to vote on any that earns a Performance Bonus.

UFC Fans who complete the below Criteria will get one vote per completion. And then receive one Fandom Moment per completion, from the fighter who wins the fan vote!

Here are the three Challenge Criteria!

Criteria 1: Own ALL of the following Light Heavyweight Contender Moments (5 Moments total):

  • Jamahal Hill
  • Jan Blachowicz
  • Jiří Procházka
  • Forrest Griffin
  • Rashad Evans

Criteria 2: Own BOTH of the following Light Heavyweight Challenger Moments (2 Moments total):

  • Johnny Walker
  • Ion Cuțelaba

Criteria 3: Own ANY 1 of the following Light Heavyweight Fandom Moments (1 Moment total):

  • Shogun Rua
  • Jiří Procházka

For Collectors in the Champion Club, if you hold one of the below Champion Rarity Moments, you automatically will receive the Reward airdropped to your account. You can complete Champion Club more than once for multiple votes + rewards by holding more than one of the following Moments, or duplicates of one of the below Moments.

Champion Club Pass: Own any of the following Champion Moments to automatically earn the Fandom Moment reward (1 Moment Total):

  • Jan Blachowicz
  • Rampage Jackson

Reward: 1 vote per completion, 1 Fandom Moment per completion (from winner of the vote from UFC Vegas 70).


Challenge Deadline: The Challenge runs from right now to the final snapshot at 11AM PT on Tuesday, February 28!

We will take a snapshot at that time to determine which Collectors qualify for the fan vote and final reward. 


There is no limit to how many times Collectors can complete this Challenge! One vote and one reward per completion. Multiple completions? Multiple votes and multiple rewards. However, you may only vote on ONE (1) fighter. For instance, if you complete the Challenge five (5) times at the deadline, your vote will bed counted five (5) times toward the Moment you want minted. Using the same example, you would receive five (5) Rewards (pending the vote outcome).

This Challenge is the only way to earn the Moment that is minted as a Reward from UFC Vegas 70.