Welcome to UFC Strike. We are turning up the heat and excited to share with fans a core part of the UFC Strike experience, the marketplace.

Marketplace Basics

The UFC Strike Marketplace is where you can buy and sell individual Moment NFTs from your favorite fighters. So if you have been eyeing a Moment that you want to add to your collection, this will be the way to do it, and if you are a little short on cash to purchase that Moment you want, you can list one of the Moments in your collection for sale.

All the Moment NFTs in the Marketplace are owned by other members of the UFC Strike community; it is open 24/7/365 and loaded with Moments previously released through pack sales and airdrops.

You can purchase Moments with the funds in your Dapper Account or your credit card and sell Moments in your collection for credit that instantly goes to your Dapper Account. With the funds in your Dapper Account, you can use that newfound balance to purchase additional packs, individual Moments, or transfer it back safely to your bank account or crypto wallet.

What are Tiers and why do they Matter?

UFC Strike Moment NFTs, fall into various tiers that determine how many of each individual Moment are created. Like any other marketplace, the rarer a particular item is, the price will usually reflect that accordingly. 

For more information on Tiers read our “In the Details” blog post.

What Are Serials and Why They Are Important?

Say you’ve found a Moment NFT that you’d like to scoop up in the marketplace, and you are wondering what are all the different serial numbers and why are they priced so differently? 

As a reminder, every Moment NFT has its own unique serial number, which means the owner owns that specific iteration of that NFT. Some Moments, like our extremely rare Champion Tier, have fewer versions of that Moment created. 

In the community, some collectors have a tendency for pursuing specific serial numbers that are meaningful to them. Generally speaking, fans who care about serial numbers largely consider lower serial numbers to be preferable, although – like any collectible – it's a subjective preference.

So how does this all play out?

Let’s look at the current undisputed Heavyweight champion of the world, Francis Ngannou, who currently has two different Moments in Series 0. His Champion Tier Moment, a vicious knockout of Overeem, is only minted to an edition size of 75. Meaning, that Moment NFT will only ever have 75 versions of it created, each with its own unique serial number, from 1 to 75. 

Now let’s compare this to Ngannou’s Contender Moment, a finish of Rozenstruik to secure his 4th consecutive 1st round knockout, which has an edition size of 23,970, which means that Moment NFT will have 23,970 versions of it made, this time, each with its own serial number from 1 to 23,970.

We have seen that Moments with smaller edition sizes will, on average, be valued higher by fans than those with larger edition sizes. 

The Last Stylebender Arrives to UFC Strike

In celebration of our marketplace opening, we launch a promotion for the first-ever Israel "The Last Stylebender" Adesany Moment NFT. The UFC-licensed digital collectible features the middleweight champ landing a vicious hook to earn the knockout against Robert Whittaker at UFC 243.

New collectors can purchase the Israel Adesanya Fandom Moment to add the epic highlight to their UFC Strike collection.

Get Ready for Launch.

We are so excited to release this new feature for the community and look forward to giving fans the chance to handpick Moments to add to their collection. Lastly, join our UFC Strike Discord channel to connect with other fans and leave feedback. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all the exciting plans we have in store for 2022.