Thank you for helping make history with the very first UFC Strike pack drop this past weekend!

Since the announcement of UFC Strike less than one week ago, we have seen some amazing things happen.

The UNDISPUTED and STILL Heavyweight Champion of the world, Francis Ngannou wearing a gold chain of his Champion Tier Moment.

46,000 of you were all able to make history with us, and “Own the Glory” unlike ever before, purchasing the first-ever UFC Strike packs in existence and selling out of all 100,000 packs in yesterday’s historic pack drop.  

And what can we possibly say about the electric UFC community? Almost 50,000 of you have joined us in the Official UFC Strike Discord Community and across our social handles connecting with other fight fans, old and new. The best has yet to come!

We are so excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to sharing updates on more Iconic Moments coming to the platform, the launch of our peer-to-peer marketplace, a full utility roadmap, and more.

Additionally, we have great news to share! We heard the community loud and clear and are happy to report that in our next UFC Strike drop, you will no longer be able to see what Moments are in your Dapper Wallet prior to the pack-opening experience. 

In the meantime join our Discord Community to connect with other fans and leave feedback, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, to stay up to date and in the know.