UPDATE: Marlon Vera defeated Dominick Cruz in the main event of UFC San Diego. His front-kick KO against Frankie Edgar at UFC 268 will be the Reward Moment for Collectors who complete the Challenge.

We’re back with another quest for Collectors to earn an ultra-limited Moment of the winner of the UFC San Diego Main Event this weekend! Collect the necessary Challenger Moments (just three in total) to add either a Dominick Cruz OR Marlon Vera Challenger Moment to your Collection! 

Here’s how to earn a Challenger Moment from the winner of the UFC San Diego headliner between a bantamweight legend and the man who handed (or, rather, kicked) Sean O’Malley his first loss: 


Requirement: Own all of the following Challenger Moments (3 Moments Total):

Reward: Receive a Challenger Moment from Dominick Cruz or Marlon Vera!

Challenge Timeline: The Challenge will run from Thursday, August 11 until final snapshot on Tuesday, August 16 at 11am PT.

  • Start: Thursday, August 11 at 1 PM PT 
  • Deadline: Tuesday, August 16 at 11 AM PT

If Dominick Cruz wins the Main Event we will mint his first round KO against Takeya Mizugaki from UFC 178. If Marlon Vera wins the Main Event, we will mint his face-melting front-kick KO against Frankie Edgar at UFC 268.

The Challenge Snapshot will be taken on Tuesday, Aug 16 at 11AM PT. We will distribute the Rewards shortly following validation of the final snapshot.

Holding a Champion Moment? Check out the Champion Club Pass below to see if you qualify for the Challenge Reward automatically. 


Collectors who hold one of each Challenger Moment stipulated in the above requirements will receive one (1) exclusive Challenger Moment from the winner of the UFC San Diego Main Event. 

The Main Event is between Marlon “Chito” Vera and Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz in a bantamweight contest to determine who may be next in line for a 135-pound title shot. This will be the first Moment on UFC Strike for either fighter. 

If the Main Event is canceled, or a winner is not declared, we will allow those who complete the UFC San Diego Collection Challenge as of the Tuesday, August 16 11AM PT snapshot the chance to vote on which Moment is minted.

The only way to earn the exclusive Challenger Moment is to complete the Challenge OR purchase from those who did complete the Challenge in the marketplace after the Reward is delivered.

UFC Strike Challenger Moments celebrate the fighters who pushed the competition to the brink, and made an undeniable impression on UFC fans for their work inside the Octagon. Challenger Moments are minted to a max supply of 2,500 per Challenger Moment NFT.

Maximum one Reward per Collector. The Reward will be minted to completion OR 250, whichever is higher.  

Read more about Rarity Tiers at the UFC Strike Blog. 


Champion Club Pass is a feature of UFC Strike Challenges, providing benefits to some of our most exclusive Moments, specifically Champion Moments. See the Champion Club Hub for all the details on membership benefits and how to join!

Champion Club Pass: Own any of the following Champion Moments to complete the Collection Challenge automatically (1 Moment minimum):

Benefit: Automatically earn one (1) epic Challenger Moment as a Reward automatically! Holders of the Champion Club Pass Moments will not need to complete the Collection Challenge to earn a Challenger Moment from the winner of the UFC San Diego Main Event. 

Collectors qualifying for Champion Club Pass must retain their qualifying Champion Moment through the 11am PT deadline on August 16 in order to earn the Challenger Moment Reward.


  • Most Common: Collector A collects a Bobby Green Challenger Moment, a Nick Diaz Challenger Moment, and a Nate Diaz Challenger Moment and holds these moments through 11am PT on Tuesday, August 16. Collector A receives one (1) Challenger Moment from the UFC San Diego Main Event winner.
  • No Dice: Collector B collects a Bobby Green Challenger Moment and two (2) Nick Diaz Challenger Moments. Collector B WILL NOT RECEIVE the Challenge Reward.
  • Max One Per Collector: Collector C collects two (2) Bobby Green Challenger Moments, two (2) Nick Diaz Challenger Moments, and two (2) Nate Diaz Challenger Moments. Collector C receives one (1) Challenger Moment from the UFC San Diego Main Event winner. This Challenge can only be completed once for one (1) Reward.
  • Champ Club Benefits: Collector D holds a Tony Ferguson Champion Moment. Collector D will automatically earn one Challenger Moment Reward. Collector D does not need to meet the Challenge Requirements to win, but must retain ownership of the Tony Ferguson Champion Moment through the 11am PT deadline on Tuesday, August 16.
  • Champ Club, Still One Max! Collector E has one of the qualifying Champion Club Pass Moments, and all three Challenger Moments! Impressive, no doubt. But the max is still just one reward per Collector. As such, Collector E will earn one (1) Challenger Moment Reward.