The welterweights are on display in the UFC Orlando Hybrid Challenge, and it’s your chance to earn the UFC Strike Debut of one of the division’s brightest. 

We’re celebrating an epic welterweight main event clash between Stephen Thompson and Kevin Holland at UFC Orlando with a three (3) requirement Hybrid Challenge, and a Challenger Moment featuring Gilbert “Durinho” Burns is on the line.


Earn a Gilbert Burns Challenger Moment by completing ALL THREE of the below requirements. Max 1 per collector. Every Collector who completes the Challenge will receive a random serial number of the Challenger Moment in their Dapper Wallet.

The officially-licensed Video NFT features Gilbert Burns’ TKO highlight against Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night: Lee vs. Oliveira in 2020, a victory which earned him a title contention matchup with former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. 

The Reward will be minted in the Challenger Rarity Tier, the tier below our Champion Tier in terms of scarcity. You can learn more about Rarity Tiers (and where Challenger Moments fall) here.


Collectors have until 11AM PT on Tuesday, December 6 to complete the Challenge. We will take a snapshot at that time to determine who meets the Challenge criteria. 

The Burn Tool is now active, and will be deactivated at the deadline.


Hybrid Challenges reward UFC Strike Collectors who complete various tasks on UFC Strike. In this Challenge, Collectors will need to complete three (3) criteria to earn the UFC Strike debut of Gilbert Burns!

You’ll need to complete ALL THREE REQUIREMENTS to earn the Gilbert Burns Challenger Moment! There are two Collection Requirements and one Burn Requirement. All three must be complete as of the final snapshot at 11AM PT deadline on December 6. Find the Challenge Page here.


Complete ALL THREE (3) criteria to earn the Challenger Moment.

Collection Criteria 1: Own at least one (1) Challenger Moment from the winner of UFC Orlando Main Event!* (1 Moment Total)

*Stephen Thompson def. Kevin Holland in the UFC Orlando Main Event.

Collection Criteria 2: Own ALL of the following Challenger Moments from the below list of fighters competing at UFC Orlando (3 Moments Total)

Burn Criteria: Burn one (1) of each of the following Contender Moments from the below list of fighters competing at UFC Orlando (5 Moments Total)

The Burn Tool will be active until the Challenge Deadline. Only Moments burned during the UFC Orlando Hybrid Challenge window will be counted. No burns from previous Challenges will be counted.


Champion Club Pass is a special boost applied to certain Champion Rarity Tier Moments for use in a Challenge, and ultimately to earn a Reward! 

For the UFC Orlando Hybrid Challenge, Collectors who hold any of the four welterweight Champion Moments listed below automatically complete both Collection Requirements and can proceed straight to the Burn Requirement. The Burn Requirement must still be completed by Champion Club Pass holders to earn the Reward.

Own any of the following welterweight Champion Moments (1 Champion Moment minimum) to automatically complete both Collection Requirements! You must still complete the Burn Requirement to earn the Challenger Moment.

PLEASE NOTE! Collectors holding a Champion Club Pass will still need to complete the Burn Requirement to earn the Challenge Reward! Collectors will also need to retain their Champion Club Pass through the deadline in order to automatically qualify for both Collection Requirements.

In the case where fewer than 250 Collectors qualify for the Reward, 250 Gilbert Burns Challenger Moments will be minted, with any excess being burned after distribution. This is to fall within the UFC Strike Rarity Requirements (i.e. Challenger Moments must have a mint count of at minimum 250). Burned Moments are permanently removed from circulation and can never be bought/sold/owned again.