Hey fight fans! This week we’ve got a hybrid challenge ahead of UFC 292🏆

This challenge reward is a Series 1 Matt Serra Fandom Tier Moment  from UFC 109: Relentless.  

The famed Serra Longo team has pumped out world-class fighters for over a decade and for good reason. Between Chris Weidman, Al Iaquinta, and Aljamain Sterling, the coaching team of Matt Serra and Ray Longo molded some of the best American wrestlers into elite mixed martial artists, boasting two world titles over the course of their time as head coaches. Matt Serra has since stepped down from the head coach role and fills in as a Jiu-Jitsu specialist for specific athletes in camp. 

Long before his time as head grappling coach, Matt Serra was winning world titles and finishing some of the best fighters in the world, as was the case in his bout against former title challenger Frank Trigg. Following a short, feeling-out  process in the first half of round 1, former welterweight champion Matt Serra drops Frank Trigg with a two hook combination after working his way into range with punches, earning an early KO victory.


Completing the following steps: 


Collect or burn ONE of EACH of the following Contender Tier Moments based on the results of UFC 292. If the fighter wins, collect the Moment. If the fighter loses, burn the Moment (7 Total):

In the case of a No Contest, Draw, or Canceled Bout (e.g. Cody Garbrandt), collect the required Moment. 

To Burn Moments, please use our Burn Tool.


Collect ONE of EACH of the following Moments (4 Total):

In total, you will need 11 moments (collect or burn 7, collect 4). 


A Champion Club Pass is a type of special boost applied to certain Champion Rarity Tier Moments to parts or all of a Challenge to help earn a Reward. Go here for more details on the Champion Club and its associated perks.

Owning ONE (1) of the following Champion Moments allows you to automatically complete the challenge.


The reward for this challenge is a Series 1 Matt Serra Fandom-tier Moment from UFC 109: Relentless. Serra defeated his opponent Frank Trigg via KO in the first round.


Deadline: Collectors have until 11AM PT on Tuesday, August 22nd to complete the Challenge. The Burn Tool will be closed and we will take a snapshot at that time to determine who meets the Challenge criteria. Only Moments burned during the Challenge window will be counted. No burns from previous Challenges will be counted. All criteria must be completed to earn the reward. 

Completions: Each collector can complete the Challenge multiple times for multiple rewards. The final Edition size of the Moment will be equal to the number of total completions.

Burn Tool: To burn moments, please use our Burn Tool. The Burn Tool will be turned off at the challenge deadline.

Reward Delivery: Once the challenge ends, we will airdrop the Fandom moment reward to qualifying collectors based on the final snapshot. Please expect up to one week for reward delivery.