UFC Strike celebrates UFC 281 with a bang. From November 9-12, we’ve got a full lineup of events for UFC Fans and Collectors. There will be Airdrops, Moment Burning, Champion Club Lounge, and more.

Here's the schedule:

  • Wednesday, November 9: Packs airdropped to Collectors who met certain criteria! See below for the full details.
  • Thursday, November 10: The UFC 281 Collection Challenge launches. More details on how to earn a Frankie Edgar Fandom Moment on Thursday!
  • Friday, November 11: The Conor McGregor Burn Challenge launches. More details on how to earn a Conor McGregor Hype NFT on Friday!
  • Saturday, November 12: Champion Club Lounge at UFC 281!

Before Challenges launch on Thursday and Friday, we are excited to reward Collectors based on an unannounced snapshot from 3PM on November 8. You'll receive an email if you qualified.

Read below for the full details on the snapshot. And tune in tomorrow for the full info on the UFC 281 Collection Challenge to earn a Frankie Edgar Fandom Moment.

Snapshot as of: 3PM PT on Tuesday, November 8


Loaded with action from striking technicians, grappling specialists, and the fiercest finishers to ever compete in UFC, the Contender Tier celebrates the achievement of winning at the highest level of the sport: inside the Octagon. 

Collectors who held ALL Series 1 Contender Moments as of our snapshot on Tuesday will receive an Icons Pack.

  • Criteria: Own 1 of each Series 1 Contender Moment
  • Reward: One (1) Icons Pack

Icons Packs dropped earlier this summer to celebrate UFC International Fight Week! 

These Packs feature some of the biggest stars of UFC history, including Daniel Cormier’s first Moment on UFC Strike and Khabib Nurmagomedov’s first Champion Moment on the platform, minted to just 50 (the rarest Champion Moment on the platform to date).

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Reserved for special circumstances, Fandom Moments are earned through Fan Vote Challenges and as epic Rewards. Hold every Fandom Moment as of our snapshot on Tuesday? Your Fandom has been rewarded.

  • Criteria: Own 1 of each Fandom Moment
  • Reward: One (1) 274 Base Pack + One (1) Lights Out Base Pack

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In shimmering silver, Challenger Moments celebrate the fighters who pushed the competition to the brink, and made an undeniable impression on UFC fans for their work inside the Octagon. We’re rewarding Collectors with all Challenger Moments with an exclusive Reward.

  • Criteria: Own 1 of each Challenger moment
  • Reward: Round One Premium Pack

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Please note: The snapshot and airdrop have already taken place. 

REMEMBER: A Collection Challenge launches on Thursday, and a Burn Challenge on Friday.