We’re celebrating UFC 280 with plenty of opportunities to earn Rewards and get your hands on exclusive UFC-licensed Moments. Get the best video highlights from UFC history during one of the biggest fight week’s in recent memory.

UFC 280 Challenges

UFC 280 takes place Saturday, October 22, but there’s plenty of action happening beforehand on UFC Strike. 

Get your hands on epic Fandom Moments by completing the UFC 280 Hybrid Challenge (including a Fan Vote!) and, next week, the UFC 280 Collection Challenge. Here’s the schedule:

UFC 280 Hybrid Challenge

Vote for the Reward you want! Collectors who complete the UFC 280 Hybrid Challenge will earn a Fandom Moment from the Fan Vote Winner between three athletes competing at UFC 280. Get the details.

Starts: October 13

Voting Ends: October 17

Challenge Ends: October 19

Visit the UFC 280 Hybrid Burn Challenge Page.

UFC 280 Collection Challenge

Choose your fighter… a Fandom Moment from the winner of the UFC 280 Main Event is on the line.

Starts: October 20

Ends: October 25

Stay tuned for more details… (we'll update this page with more info soon)