We’re excited to announce some incredible news regarding the future of UFC Strike, building on all the unforgettable progress from 2022, with fans across the world collecting and trading their favorite Moments from past fights. 

Over the past year, UFC Strike has become a hub for fight fans to connect and share their love for the sport, and in 2023, UFC Strike is set to enter a new era. With plans to expand the platform to include new features and ways to interact with your NFT Moments, UFC Strike will be an even more engaging and immersive experience for fans. 

As UFC and MMA continues to evolve, so too will UFC Strike, to provide you with new and exciting ways to engage with the sport you love. We’re excited to share more on expansion plans for UFC Strike, so join us for a series of events scheduled starting today, February 6th at 11am PST for fans as we go in-depth on the plans detailed below. Join Discord Here.

Building Community Around Official UFC Video NFTs

Throughout 2022, UFC Fans got their hands on officially licensed highlights (including audio and video) from the biggest fighters and best moments from UFC history in Packs, Challenges, and Airdrops! These included exclusive Moments from stars like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Anderson Silva, Amanda Nunes, and MORE!

As the first-ever UFC Video NFTs, the launch of UFC Strike Moments gave fans an unprecedented experience of collecting UFC history digitally, reliving the highlights they know and love. And better yet, owning them!

In total, 100K+ UFC Fans started their UFC Strike Collection to date, collecting their favorite fighters and Moments from UFC. We are excited to bring many more UFC fans to the platform moving forward.

In 2023, we plan to continue commemorating the best action from UFC past and present, introduce fun new Special editions, for the community to collect, and continue delivering the best digital collecting experience possible. 

Champion Club

Last summer, we were proud to announce Champion Club, giving Collectors exclusive access to IRL and digital experiences unavailable outside of the Champion Club!

By owning just one Champion Moment, a Collector could become a Champion Club Member, and the perks kept coming. Private Lounges at UFC events featuring some of the sport’s biggest stars. Quarterly Airdrops giving Collectors exclusive Rewards. VIP Tickets to the biggest events across the World. Free Fight Pass. Exclusive Merch. And so much more still to come.

Champion Club will continue to be at the forefront of our most aspirational fan experience, and we are excited to continue expanding this community and its benefits throughout 2023 and beyond.

Introducing the UFC Strike NFT Game

The first year of UFC Strike opened the door to a new way to engage around the sport we all love, and Year Two is going to take that experience to the next level. After a year in development working alongside a team very experienced in the gaming space (learn more below!), we are excited to share that UFC Strike is launching its very own NFT game, just for collectors. 

A more engaging product requires utility for ALL Moments, and with the UFC Strike NFT Game, fans can compete and engage with their collection unlike ever before. All UFC Strike Moments have a role in the game. The better your Moment Collection, the better you are set up for success.

No need for FOMO just yet. We are targeting a beta launch of the game towards the beginning of Q2.

Stacking the Team

As we look to make 2023 even bigger and better for UFC Strike, we’re excited to welcome a new partner into the Octagon. Gaming industry veterans Concept Labs (formerly Concept Art House) will be working hand in hand with Dapper Labs.

Concept Labs lives and breathes gaming, and their commitment to building the future of gaming in Web3 is what excites us the most about this next phase for UFC Strike. They’ve spearheaded the work on the UFC Strike NFT Game, led by Rob Winkler, Head of Games at Concept Labs. Rob has been in the gaming space for more than a decade, having led his own game studio and launched over a dozen games. With this new partnership, Rob will be taking on the role of UFC Strike GM, where he is excited to blaze the trail of what Web3 gaming could look like within the UFC Fan Experience. We could not be more excited to deepen our long relationship with the Concept Labs team through this new partnership, and continue our work to make UFC Strike on Flow Blockchain the preeminent UFC fan community.

You can read a bit more about Concept Labs here!

More Intel Incoming

New game for UFC Strike NFTs? What does this mean for my existing UFC Strike Collection? How do I get signed up?

We know you probably have a ton of questions. Good news… we are going to start answering those questions today! Join us in Discord today (Monday, Feb 6th) at 11am PST for a live stream with Alex (Dapper Labs) and Rob (Concept Labs) to recap this announcement and start to answer your questions.


Here are a few questions answered below, but have more questions? That’s what this week’s events are here for!  

Will I continue to use my Dapper Wallet with the new structure?

  • Yes! Nothing is changing from that perspective. You will continue to use your same Dapper Wallet for all your epic collecting!

What happens with Challenges?

  • Challenges aren’t going anywhere. In fact, look forward to a new one this week!

Will Champion Club still be a thing?

  • Absolutely. We <3 Champion Club. And not only that, we intend to improve on the Champion Club experience in 2023!

Communication moving forward?

  • You can expect much more frequent access to the team and a more frequent cadence of communication as we enter into Year Two! We know that transparency is incredibly important to the UFC Strike community, so we plan to do a much better job of sharing information, and in a timely manner. Plus, we want to give you all more of a voice!

What about Series 1, and when does Series 2 Start?

  • We are still in S1, but Series 2 is coming. Stay tuned for more details.

More questions? Please join the UFC Strike Discord to connect with us!