To celebrate “The 209” Pack drop and ensure that everyone has a chance to get in on the fun, we are excited to reveal a 1-week Marketplace promotion. Here are the details you need to know. 

Have a NET spend of $209 or MORE on UFC Strike Marketplace from 4/20 at 11 AM PT to 4/27 at 11 AM PT and receive $42 in Dapper Credit.

As a reminder, net spend is the amount spent purchasing Moments in the UFC Strike Marketplace minus the amount you have earned from selling Moments.


  • This is an example of how net spend will be calculated: If you purchase a Moment for $40 before any fees, then sell a Moment in your account listed at $10, your total nets spend will be $30.
  • Money spent on pack purchases will not count towards your net spend
  • This promotion only counts purchases made between 4/20 at 11 AM PT and 4/27 at 11 AM PT. Purchases made before the promotion start time will not count towards your net spend
  • The $42 Dapper credit will be delivered after the deadline on 4/27 and will be non-withdrawable
  • Sales of NFTs from other projects do not count towards your UFC Strike Marketplace spend
  • Credit card and banking fees will not be counted towards your net spend, only the purchase price of the UFC Strike Moment