Hey UFC Strike fans! Get ready for another week of action! If you're new to UFC Strike Now, get ready for a weekly adrenaline boost. Check out exclusive digital collectibles from each UFC event, challenge others in a friendly leaderboard contest, and you might score some cool rewards like PPV codes, monthly fight pass subscription, and UFC Strike packs. Make your weekend picks now and read details on how to join the fun below!

UFC Fight Night: Allen vs Craig

Here are the fights to pick from this week on UFC Strike Now: 

  • Brendan Allen vs Paul Craig
  • Michael Morales vs Jake Matthews
  • Chase Hopper vs Jordan Leavitt
  • Payton Talbott vs Nick Aguirre
  • Luana Pinheiro vs Amanda Ribas


Use your fight knowledge and digital collectibles to move up the ranks and get rewards. The leaderboard will run for this week’s event (UFC Allen vs Craig).

This Week’s Prizes:


  • 1st Place: UFC296 PPV Code + Fresh Faces Pro Pack + Standouts Pack
  • 2nd-5th Place: Fresh Faces Pro Pack
  • 6th-10th Place: Fresh Faces Base Pack


  • 10x Starter Pack 2.0
  • 10x 30-Day UFC Fight Pass Codes
  • 10x The Ultimate Fighter Base Pack

The final leaderboard tally will be based on the number of correct picks and answers. In the event of a tie, winners will be base on # of Correct Picks, then by # of Winning Collectibles, then by # of Correct Answers. If there’s still a tie at that point, then winners will be chosen at random.

*Tickets are non-sellable and can only be transferred if the winner is unable to use them. 

PPV codes can only be redeemed via ESPN+ (US only). Code will be emailed within 48 hours of the PPV event.

How It Works

On Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 12 PM PT, fans will visit the UFC Strike Now website to choose the athletes they think will win. If the fan's selected athlete wins, the collectible will be upgraded to include exclusive video footage celebrating the victory. If the fan's selected athlete is defeated, the collectible will be updated to include only basic upgrades. 

Collectibles are available at purchase, and upgrades happen shortly following the event. Collectors have until 2PM PT on Saturday, November 18, 2023 to make your picks. Once a card submission is made, the picks are locked in for the week. So make sure to answer all the questions to maximize your potential points! Collectors will still be able to use their Dapper wallet for purchase but must create a UFC Strike account to participate in UFC Strike Now.


👤​​User Profiles: We're excited to introduce an all new dimension to the UFC Strike ecosystem, further gamifying the collection journey. With User Profiles, collectors will be able to track their progress, level up their profile, and receive rewards through achievements. More functionality will continue to be built out and released iteratively.

💳Stripe Integration: You can now purchase Strike Now collectibles with Stripe, making it easier than ever to complete your submission without a Dapper wallet. 

🔗Enhanced Sharing Experience: You can now easily compare your picks with your friends' through clicking on their share links.

We hope you enjoy this new offering and appreciate your patience as we work through some of the kinks early on. Your feedback will be extremely valuable as we look to improve this product ahead of a full launch! Please join our Discord or reach out to feedback@conceptlabs.xyz to leave your comments/questions about Strike Now.