Series 2 is here, and we're thrilled to present an in-depth guide that will fuel your excitement and prepare you for what's to come. In this comprehensive guide, you'll dive into the world of UFC Strike digital collectibles, exploring each rarity tier, scarcity, content guidelines, drops, challenges, and set rewards. Get ready to embark on a journey in our ever-evolving UFC Strike ecosystem, and join us as we unveil Series 2, the first full Series under the dynamic partnership between UFC and Concept Labs.

Rarity Tiers

Champion (Edition Size: 11-99)

This tier immortalizes the undisputed title victories of legendary fighters. These collectibles pay homage to their dominance and indelible legacy in UFC. To ensure that these Champions remain truly exceptional, there's a production cap in each Series, and a maximum edition size of 99.

If a fighter already possesses a Champion tier Moment in Series 0 or 1, any additional Champion Moments from that fighter will be minted to no more than /50 in Series 2.

In our initial drop, Champion Moments will be minted to /75. 

Champions are the pinnacle of scarcity and desirability, bringing you flagship utility through the esteemed Champion Club. We will maintain an absolute maximum cap of 2000 Champion (or higher tier) Moments minted in Series 2 across the UFC Strike ecosystem. While the cap will be unchanged, demand will determine how close we get to this cap. Notably, this cap will be "net," allowing for burning and other innovative ways to utilize Champion tier Moments.

Epic (Edition Size: 100-499)

New to Series 2, the Epic tier spotlights stellar performances by high-profile fighters and memorable bouts with significant cultural relevance. These Moments encapsulate incredible achievements such as interim championship victories, UFC BMF title triumphs, and fights awarded "Fight of the Year." Additionally, fights can ascend to this tier due to their sheer intensity and memorability.

In our initial drop, Epic Moments will be minted to an exclusive /300.

Rare (Edition Size: 500-999)

Formerly known as the "Challenger" tier, this category celebrates extraordinary victories over ranked opponents, title eliminator clashes, or fights that thrust an athlete into the title conversation. Fights can rise to this tier if they hold special significance within the sport.

In our initial drop, Rare Moments will be minted to /750.

Uncommon (Edition Size: 1000-2499)

A fresh addition to Series 2, this tier shines a spotlight on breakout victories and spectacular finishes that firmly establish a fighter as a contender in their weight class. These Moments are pivotal, catapulting fighters into the limelight and setting them on the path to potential championship glory.

In our initial drop, Uncommon Moments will be minted to /1500.

Common (Edition Size: 2,500+)

The Common tier celebrates the early moments of a fighter's career, focusing on their first finishes and standout performances that mark the beginning of their journey in the Octagon. These Moments capture the excitement of their initial impressive fights, where they announce their presence in UFC with fervor and determination.

In our first drop, this tier will be minted to /3000, and any Moment minted with an edition size of 2500 or greater will fall into this category. This tier will be adaptable to demand, but no Moment Edition will ever exceed its initial run – for instance, if a Moment is released with /3000, it will always remain at /3000.


This tier is the creme de la creme, celebrating monumental wins in UFC that stand the test of time. It encompasses record-breaking performances, Hall of Fame fights, and storied moments that etch a fighter's name into the annals of UFC history. These are the rarest and most revered collectibles, celebrating the pinnacle of an athlete's career.

Moments in the Ultimate tier can have edition sizes as low as /1 and as high as /10. These Moments will count as part of the Champion tier minting cap. The Ultimate tier will be available later in Series 2, adding an extra layer of excitement to your collectible journey.

Scarcity & Content Guidelines: Elevating Your Experience

In Series 2, our commitment is to enhance your confidence in every Moment you own. While there may be exceptions to the rules, we firmly adhere to the following guidelines:

Elevated Focus on Fighter Debuts: Get ready for an increased emphasis on fighter debuts as Series 2 progresses, making these Moments even more special and memorable.

No Repetition of Tiers: We won't repeat tiers for the same fighter within the same Series, ensuring a diverse and exciting collection for every fan.

Three Tiers Limit: Each fighter will be minted in no more than three rarity tiers during Series 2, providing an equitable distribution of Moments.

Considerate Mint Counts: We'll take into account previous mint counts and tiers of Moments. For instance, if a fighter already has a /1500 rare or fandom collectible in Series 1, we'll be cautious around minting a similar edition size or tier in Series 2.

Champion Tier Limit: As mentioned in the 'Champion' tier above, we have set an absolute maximum limit of 2000 Champion (or higher) tier Moments, maintaining the prestige and rarity of these collectibles.

Drops: "Fresh Faces" and Beyond

As previously highlighted, the overarching theme of Series 2 is "Fresh Faces." These drops will appear throughout the Series, sometimes being replaced with thematic drops to keep things exciting. Here's what you can expect:

Pro and Elite Packs: Once the "Pro" and "Elite" packs for a given month are sold out, they won't be replenished until the following month at a minimum. The availability of these packs will depend entirely on demand.

Base Packs: Our base packs will remain available at all times, subject to demand and supply availability.

Experimentation for Every Collector

We're dedicated to making Series 2 an engaging experience for collectors of all types. To achieve this, we're ready to experiment with various price points and pack builds throughout the year. Our goal is to provide a balanced drop structure that caters to everyone, whether you're looking to build a comprehensive collection or searching for premium collectibles with guaranteed hits.

Series 2 is all about choice and variety, ensuring that every collector has an opportunity to participate and make their collection truly their own. Get ready to explore fresh faces, new strategies, and a world of thrilling possibilities with UFC Strike Series 2 Moments.

Emerald Key

Throughout the remainder of 2023 to celebrate the UFC’s 30th Anniversary, we will be dropping 10 limited edition Emerald Keys. These keys will unlock a 1/1 Ultimate tier Moment later in Series 2, with additional prizes and in real life utility along the way, like 2 tickets to your pick of a UFC card once per quarter (throughout Series 2).

Emerald Key #1: 2 tickets to UFC card of your choice once per quarter during Series 2

Emerald Key #2: Tickets to UFC 300

Emerald Key #3: Signed merch bundle

Emerald Keys #4-10: Coming soon!

Please note: the Emerald Keys will not be visible in your Collection at the start of Series 2. We are working diligently to make this visible later in Q4.

Challenges: A Thrilling Journey Ahead

Challenges have played a pivotal role in the UFC Strike platform throughout 2023, and we're excited to continue this tradition in Series 2 while adding new types along the way. 

Challenge Tooling: 

A tool to help you build your entries for challenges and lead to an improved Challenge experience is in the works. More details soon.

Distribution Models: Crafting a New Experience

With the retirement of the Fandom tier, one of the most significant shifts you can expect is the transition from a mint-to-completion model for all challenges to a mixed model, exploring diverse ways to receive challenge rewards.

Traditional Mint-to-Completion: In this model, the final rarity tier of a Moment will be determined by the number of completions. For example:

  • An "Islam Makhachev Collection Challenge" concludes with 2850 completions. The Moment will be in the Common tier.
  • An "Islam Makhachev Collection Challenge" ends with 436 completions. The Moment will be in the Epic tier.

To introduce greater variety in the difficulty of challenges and place a stronger emphasis on collection-focused challenges, we plan to unveil "First Access" challenges. These challenges will establish the tier and edition size of the Moment right from the start, giving challenge completers the very first opportunity to secure the Moment. It's important to note that this only sets a "minimum." If there are more completions than the initial edition size, the final edition size will be minted to completion to adjust for demand. For instance:

  • An "Islam Makhachev Collection Challenge" features an Uncommon tier Moment, minted to /1200. With 800 challenge completions, 400 will remain in inventory (serials #801-1200)
  • An "Islam Makhachev Collection Challenge" involves an Uncommon tier Moment, minted to /1200. With 1263 challenge completions, all 1263 will be minted (with none remaining in inventory).

It is important to note that Moments released via First Access will never be sold. If there is any remaining in inventory, they will be used as future rewards and airdrops.

These adjustments will pave the way for more challenging and diverse experiences in Series 2 while providing ample opportunities for collectors with any budget.

Challenge Structure: Your Path to Glory

In Series 2, we're reintroducing our three main challenge types: Collection, Burn, and Hybrid, with an even greater focus on collection challenges than ever before.

In response to popular demand, we're exploring additional concepts around leaderboards (no current ETA) to foster greater competition among collectors. With our next burn leaderboard, we're embarking on an experiment with community goals, ensuring every collector feels a part of something bigger.

In an effort to find more ways for collectors to choose their destiny, we're also embracing fan voting more frequently in Series 2, giving you the opportunity to influence the rewards you're passionate about.

As we dive into the future, you can expect a shift in the variations of our weekly challenges. We're working diligently to enhance the utility of Moments in UFC Strike Now. As that evolves, Moments from the week's fight card won't be guaranteed to be part of that week's challenge. Over time, there will be a greater focus on narratives, with challenges centered around individual fighters and compelling storylines.

One final tweak: all Moments released on the platform will be available to be used in challenges once they are released. There will no longer be a two-week waiting period to use your newly acquired Moments in potential challenges.

Set Rewards: Celebrating Our Dedicated Collectors

We owe our success to the incredible community that surrounds us. Many of you share a passion for completing sets, and we are committed to honoring our promises by offering rewards to those who have shown unwavering dedication. We recognize sets in two categories: "thematic" and "rarity tier." Below, we'll unveil the sets and the rewards awaiting you as we wrap up Series 1 and continue into Series 2.

Rarity Tier Sets

Series 0 - Champion (10 Editions)

  • Collectors in this tier will receive a random Series 2 Epic tier Moment, minted to 300, from our inventory
  • An exclusive airdrop pack* containing an additional Moment (Epic or better), and a chance at Emerald Key #4

Series 1 - Champion (25 Editions)

  • Collectors in this tier will receive a random Series 2 Epic tier Moment, minted to 300, from our inventory
  • An exclusive airdrop pack* containing an additional Moment (Epic or better), and a chance at Emerald Key #4

BONUS: Any collector who owns both Series 0 and Series 1 Champion tier sets, will be given a guaranteed Series 2 Champion tier Moment.

Series 1 - Rare (81 Editions)

  • Collectors in this tier will receive a random Series 2 Epic tier Moment, minted to 300, from our inventory
  • An exclusive airdrop pack** containing an additional Moment (Rare or better), with chance of Epic, or Champion

Series 1 - Fandom (64 Editions)

  • Collectors in this tier will receive a random Series 2 Epic tier Moment, minted to 300, from our inventory
  • An exclusive airdrop pack** containing an additional Moment (Rare or better), with chance of Epic, or Champion

Series 0 - Common (25 Editions)

  • Collectors in this tier will receive a random Series 2 Uncommon tier Moment, minted to 1500, from our inventory

Series 1 - Common (79 Editions)

  • Collectors in this tier will receive a random Series 2 Rare tier Moment, minted to 750, from our inventory

Collectors can receive 1 reward per completed set (i.e. if you have two complete Fandom tier sets, you will receive two rewards).

The snapshot date to complete your rarity tier sets is Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023 @ 12:00 PM PT. Please anticipate a delivery time of up to one month for these set rewards.

*This pack will be minted to the number of Champion tier set completions across Series 0 and 1. There will be a maximum of one (1) Emerald Key, and five (5) Champion tier Moments added to these packs.

**This pack will be minted to the number of Rare and Fandom tier set completions across Series 1. There will be a maximum of (50) Epic and (5) Champion Moments added to these packs.

Thematic Sets

For thematic sets such as Dojo, Lights Out, Tapped, PRIDE FC, The 209, and Icons, we won't have guaranteed recurring rewards, as these Moments are all encompassed within the rarity tier set rewards. However, there may be occasional rewards that will be random and unannounced in advance.

Future Rewards

We remain committed to providing rewards for these tiers quarterly during Series 2. These future airdrops could include Moments or Packs, and may even feature physical and digital opportunities and rewards. Our ongoing goal is to develop comprehensive reward systems that celebrate your unique collecting style, no matter how you choose to collect.

Your unwavering dedication as collectors is the lifeblood of our community, and we are dedicated to ensuring your efforts are rewarded in ways that continue to inspire and delight. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

We trust that this guide has provided the answers to your most pressing questions as we head into Series 2. For any additional inquiries, we invite you to join us on Discord and participate in our bi-weekly Office Hours! Your feedback and participation drive our continued growth, and we look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you. Thank you for being a part of the UFC Strike community.