Get ready for a thrilling evolution in the world of UFC Strike! After months of anticipation, Series 2, known as "Fresh Faces," has finally arrived. This marks the first full Series under the exciting partnership between Concept Labs and UFC.

"Fresh Faces" is a celebration of the sport's evolution, showcasing both rising contenders and established, dominant stars. From relentless heavyweight grappling specialists like Jailton Almeida to versatile fighting greats like Alexander Volkanovski, Series 2 is all about elite-level mixed martial arts in the modern era.

Outside of the stars that will be featured in Moments, Series 2 is all about THE CHASE! What does that mean!? Throughout the remainder of 2023 to celebrate the UFC’s 30th Anniversary, we will be dropping 10 limited edition Emerald Keys. These keys will unlock a 1/1 Ultimate tier Moment in Series 2, with additional prizes and in real life utility along the way unique to each key, like 2 tickets to your pick of a UFC card once per quarter (throughout Series 2), UFC 300 tickets, or signed merch! Let us know if you pull an Emerald Key and make sure to share it on your social media!

What else is new? How about a Revamped Rarity System! We heard from our Most Valuable Users and doubled down on scarcity.  Series 2 introduces two new rarity tiers (Uncommon and Epic), unveils the highly anticipated Ultimate tier, and bids farewell to the Fandom Tier from Series 1. We've renamed "Contender" to "Common" and "Challenger" to "Rare," creating a more familiar and balanced system. This not only caters to traditional collectors but also enhances the storytelling experience with Moments. For all the intricate details, be sure to check out our Series 2 Moments Guide, launching Friday.

How about some updated love to the ACTUAL Moments?
One of the first things you'll notice in Series 2 is the striking visual makeover. We've added dynamic background animations that differentiate the visuals of each tier, and we've improved the aspect ratio for enhanced footage visibility. Now, you won't miss a moment of action from the Octagon.

We heard your feedback on Pack Drops and will continue to drop thematic packs that focus on a specific aspect of UFC (e.g. PRIDE FC) while introducing standardized “Fresh Faces” releases that you will love! Look out for these pack drops in "Base," "Pro," and "Elite" editions. The Base packs will be available at all times, while Pro and Elite packs will have monthly caps. Stay tuned for more details in our upcoming "Fresh Faces" pack blog.

With all these updates, Series 2 promises even more fun and excitement than ever before. We're thrilled to welcome this new chapter of UFC Strike and celebrate the sport's evolution. Look out for more blogs throughout the next couple of weeks, and get ready to be part of the action in Series 2!