Fight fans, you saw the chain; now get your own Israel Adesanya Fandom Tier Moment. In celebration of our marketplace opening on February 15th, we have a limited edition prize for UFC Strike fans. 

Secure your own limited edition Israel Adesanya Moment NFT, from his iconic victory from UFC 243, by having a net spend of at least $500 in the UFC Strike marketplace at 11 AM PT on February 28th. Net spend is the amount spent purchasing Moments in the UFC Strike marketplace minus the amount you have earned from selling Moments.

After the deadline on the 28th, we will award each qualified fan with a Series 1: Adesanya Fandom Tier Moment.This is just the first step, in an exciting journey, with more iconic Adesanya Moments to come of varying rarities, in addition to more drops, more fighters joining the platform, and special surprises along the way.