Kickstart the PRIDE FC nostalgia with a Reward featuring the one and only Takanori Gomi! 

The PRIDE FC Hybrid Challenge is all about celebrating the iconic fighters listed below, who once competed against the PRIDE FC legends featured in the upcoming Pack Drop or they themselves made their mark in the Japanese promotion, such as Nick Diaz, Dan Henderson, and Shogun Rua. 

Don't miss your chance to earn a Fandom Takanori Gomi Moment featuring “The Fireball Kid” at the pinnacle of the sport. Burn, collect, and win in the PRIDE Hybrid Challenge, starting right now.


Earn a Takanori Gomi Fandom Moment by completing ALL THREE of the below Criteria. The Moment will be minted to Challenge completion!

Deadline: Collectors have until 11AM PT on Tuesday, April 4 to complete the Challenge. We will take a snapshot at that time to determine who meets the Challenge criteria. 

The Burn Tool will be deactivated at the deadline. But it sure is on right now. 🔥


Complete ALL THREE (3) criteria to earn the Gomi Moment. You may complete multiple times for multiple rewards.

Burn Criteria: Burn ANY 1 of the following 2 Contender Moments (1 Moments total):

Collection Criteria 1: Own ALL 5 of the following Challenger Moments (5 Moments total):

Collection Criteria 2: Own BOTH of the following Fandom Moments (2 Moments total):

The Burn Tool will be active until the Challenge Deadline. Only Moments burned during the PRIDE FC Hybrid Challenge window will be counted. No burns from previous Challenges will be counted. All three criteria must be completed to earn the reward. 

Want multiple Rewards? You may complete the above Criteria multiple times for multiple Moment Rewards! All three criteria must be completed for each additional reward a collector wishes to earn.


Champion Club Pass is a special boost applied to certain Champion Rarity Tier Moments for use in a Challenge, and ultimately to earn a Reward! 

Champion Club Pass: Own 1 of the following Champion Moments to automatically complete the collection portion of the criteria. COLLECTORS MUST STILL BURN. (1 Moment Total):

Want multiple Rewards? You may qualify for the Champion Club Pass multiple times for multiple Moment Rewards! You must still complete the Burn Criteria for each Champion Club Pass Moment held.


Takanori Gomi, also known as "The Fireball Kid," is a legend in the world of MMA. A familiar face at the top of the 155-pound division, Gomi left a lasting impression on PRIDE FC during its peak.

The Takanori Gomi Hybrid Challenge Reward features audio and video highlights from his first-round KO against Hayato Sakurai at PRIDE Shockwave 2005 to become the PRIDE FC Lightweight Grand Prix Champion. 

This monumental win both cemented Gomi's status as one of the legends of that era and highlighted the intensity and spirit of competition that defined PRIDE FC.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to celebrate and collect a Moment that pays tribute to Takanori Gomi's remarkable achievements in the world of MMA. Secure your piece of history and add this impressive Moment to your collection as a testament to Gomi's lasting impact on the sport.


This UFC-licensed Reward NFT will be minted and distributed in the days following the Challenge Deadline. The Burn Tool will also be deactivated at the deadline.

Collectors may earn as many Rewards as they would like. 

Reminder: Champion Club Pass does not guarantee the reward. Collectors holding a qualifying Champion Club Moment must still complete the Burn Criteria.