After another successful UFC event held in Canada, where we saw two new champions crowned in five-round decisions, we are pleased to announce a new challenge just in time for the release of Maple Rush. This challenge will provide bonus rewards to those who purchase packs, including multiple shots at an Ultimate Tier Moment, which is minted only to 10 and showcases Georges St-Pierre!


1) Purchase any ONE (1) Maple Rush Pack (Base or Elite) to receive one (1) dice roll per pack purchased
2) Go to our leaderboard and roll an eight-sided die - the number you roll corresponds to the number of points you earn
3) For every 10 points earned, receive ONE (1) Reward Pack containing one (1) Moment, including a chance at an Ultimate tier Georges St-Pierre, minted to only 10!
4) Climb the leaderboard and complete milestones to receive bonus rewards and reward packs!

Challenge begins at 11:00 AM PT on Wednesday, Jan 24, 2024. Challenge ends at 11:00 AM PT on Tuesday, Feb 6, 2024. All rolls must be completed in this timeframe. 


🥇1st Place: Georges St-Pierre Ultimate Tier Moment
🥈2nd Place: Fresh Faces Elite Pack
🥉3rd Place: Autographed UFC Strike Hoodie of Your Choice*
4th-5th Place: One (1) of EACH Pack: S1 Mic Drop Base, S1 TUF Base, S1 Standouts, Fresh Faces Pro, Maple Rush Base
6th-10th Place: One (1) Fresh Faces Pro Pack + One (1) Maple Rush Base Pack
11th-15th Place: One (1) Maple Rush Base Pack
16th-20th Place: One (1) Fresh Faces Base Pack

Tiebreakers will be broken by randomization.

*Autographed options include: Charles Oliveira (XL), Gilbert Burns (S), Donald Cerrone (S, XL), Joanna Jedrzejczyk (S, XL).

To check your leaderboard results, go here.


For every 10 points earned via dice rolls, you will receive One (1) Reward Pack, containing one (1) Moment.

The guaranteed pool of Moments used for the Reward Pack will include 250 Rares, 50 Epics, 5 Champions, and 1 Ultimate. These numbers can be doubled by achieving community milestone levels (explained below). Remaining moments will be at a ratio of 3 commons to 1 uncommon.

All Moments will be Series 2 Moments from our current inventory.


For this challenge, there will be both individual and community milestones to achieve. Completing individual milestones will net you guaranteed bonus reward packs, and completing community milestones will increase the number of higher tier Moments in the Moment pool.

Individual Milestones

Level 1 - 50 Points: +1 Reward Pack
Level 2 - 125 Points: +2 Reward Packs
Level 3 - 250 Points: +3 Reward Packs
Level 4 - 500 Points: +4 Reward Packs

By completing level 4, you will earn a combined total of 10 bonus reward packs.

Community Milestones

Level 1 - 50% of Packs Sold: 2x Rares in Reward Pack Pool (+250)
Level 2 - 75% of Packs Sold: 2x Epics in Reward Pack Pool (+50)
Level 3 - 90% of Packs Sold: 2x Champions in Reward Pack Pool (+5)
Level 4 - 100% of Packs Sold: 2x Ultimates in Reward Pack Pool (+1)

We look forward to celebrating the launch of Maple Rush with you, our community, and dealing out some sweet rewards for you to Own The Glory!


Deadline: Collectors have until 11 AM PT on Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 to complete the challenge to win their Rewards. We will take a snapshot at that time to determine who meets the challenge criteria. All pack purchases and dice rolls must be completed by the challenge end time. To roll dice, please visit our leaderboard.

‍Reward Delivery: Once the challenge ends, we will airdrop the Reward packs and leaderboard rewards to qualifying collectors based on the final snapshot. Please expect up to three weeks for reward delivery.