Join the excitement as we celebrate one of the most promising fighters in the UFC welterweight division with the Ian Garry Burn Challenge.

Upgrade to a brand-new Ian Garry Challenger Moment featuring his TKO finish vs Song Kenan. Burn a combination of Series 0 Ian Garry Contender Moments and other Contender Moments to upgrade to the more scarce, exclusive reward!

Complete the Ian Garry Burn Challenge below (there are two criteria!) at the Burn Tool to win. You may complete the challenge as many times as you like to earn multiple Rewards.


Don't miss your chance to earn a KO Moment from “The Future!” Earn an officially-licensed reward featuring Ian Garry finishing his opponent with an impressive TKO. Complete the two criteria to earn the exclusive Challenger Moment and join the ranks of true Ian Garry fans!

Complete the following Burn Recipe! 8 Moments total. Multiple completions allowed.

Criteria 1: Burn 4 Series 0 Ian Garry Contender Moments (4 Moments total)

Criteria 2: Burn an additional 4 Contender Moments from either Series 0 or 1 (4 Moments total)*

NO Champion Club Pass for this Burn Challenge

Reward: 1 Ian Garry Challenger Moment! Multiple completions allowed.

*This can be an additional 4 Ian Garry Contender Moments if a collector chooses to do so

  • Burn Tool ON! Right Now!
  • Burn Tool OFF! Friday, April 7 at 11 AM PT (Challenge Deadline)

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Ian Garry is dubbed "The Future" for a reason. The Irish welterweight fighter has an undefeated professional record, with six knockouts, one submission, and four decision victories. With a black belt in Judo and a background in boxing, Garry has already showcased the skills and determination to make a significant impact in  UFC.

The Ian Garry Burn Challenge Reward features audio and video highlights from his third-round TKO against Song Kenan last month at UFC 285. The victory moved his UFC record to a perfect 4-0.

Garry made his UFC debut in 2021 after a successful run as a Cage Warriors welterweight Champion, and has been on a run in UFC; how do you think the future looks?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to celebrate and collect the latest Moment in Ian Garry’s rise through the UFC rankings.


The Burn Tool will be active from right now to the final snapshot at 11AM PT on Friday, April 7! There is no limit to how many times Collectors can complete this Challenge.

This Challenge is the only way to earn the Ian Garry Challenger Moment that is minted as the Reward. The Reward will be minted to Challenge completion.

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