Hey fight fans! The International Fight Week 2023 Giveaway has just wrapped up, and to build on the Dustin Poirier Collection Challenge we ran last week, we’ve got a Hybrid Challenge for you💥

Use your Series 1 Dustin Poirier Fandom tier Moment from UFC Fight Night: Alvarez vs Poirier 2 to complete the collection criteria, and burn one other Moment to complete the Hybrid Challenge! The reward for this challenge is a 2-Moment Pack, keep reading to get all the details!


To complete this challenge and receive a Hybrid Reward Pack, complete the following steps:

  • Collect ONE (1) Dustin Poirier Fandom Tier Moment
  • Burn ONE (1) Moment
  • Note: This can be any Moment, but it must be a different Moment than the Dustin Poirier, unless you own two and choose to burn one.

To Burn Moments, please use our Burn Tool.

New to challenges? Please check our Help Center for more information.


The reward for this challenge is a 2-Moment Reward Pack. The Pack will contain previously released Contender tier Moments from unpacked inventory, with 1 Challenger tier Moment added to the packs for every 100 completions.


Deadline: Collectors have until 11AM PT on Thursday, June 29th to complete the Challenge. We will take a snapshot at that time to determine who meets the Challenge criteria. All criteria must be completed to earn the reward. 

Completions: Each collector can complete the Challenge one time. The final number of packs minted will be equal to the number of total completions.

Burn Tool: To burn Moments, please use our Burn Tool. The Burn Tool will be turned off at the challenge deadline.

Reward Delivery: Once the challenge ends, we will airdrop the Reward Pack to qualifying collectors based on the final snapshot. Please expect up to one week for reward delivery.