We’re kicking off the celebration of the UFC 285 Main Event with a Burn Challenge that packs a punch.

Complete the recipe below (there are two Criteria) at the Burn Tool to upgrade your collection with a Ciryl Gane Challenger Moment featuring his KO finish from the historic UFC Paris event.

Complete as many times as you like to earn multiple Rewards! The official Challenge Page can be found here.


It’s time! Gane faces Jon Jones for the Heavyweight Title in the UFC 285 Main Event on Saturday March 4, but the Ciryl Gane Burn Challenge starts RIGHT NOW!

Burn Tool ON! Friday, February 24 at 11 AM PT! Visit the Burn Tool here.

Burn Tool OFF! Friday, March 3 at 11 AM PT (Challenge Deadline)

The Ciryl Gane Burn Challenge will run until the Burn Tool is deactivated next Friday at 11AM PT. 


Burn The Following 10 Moment combination across two criteria: 

  • Criteria 1: Burn 5 Series 0 Ciryl Gane Contender Moments
  • Criteria 2: Burn an additional 5 Contender Moments from either Series 0 or 1

Reward: Receive one (1) Ciryl Gane Challenger Moment, per completion. No maximum on Rewards you may earn.

The five (5) additional Contender Moment NFTs can be the Ciryl Gane Series 0 Moment required in Criteria 1 (though we’d like to say that’s a weird flex).

Any Limits on Rewards per Collector? No. You may complete the Burn Challenge multiple times for multiple Rewards!

What’s the featured highlight in the Reward? History captured. Complete the Burn Challenge to earn the UFC-licensed Moment featuring Gane’s incredible KO victory against Tai Tuivasa at the first-ever UFC Paris event! 


The Burn Tool will be active from right now to the final snapshot at 11AM PT on Friday, March 3! You will not be able to burn for the Reward after the deadline! Please allow ample time if you wish to complete the Challenge.


There is no limit to how many times Collectors can complete this Challenge! 

This Challenge is the only way to earn the Ciryl Gane Challenger Moment that is minted as a Reward.