This week, we revisit the incredible UFC Fight Night: Dariush vs Tsarukyan, which took place in Austin, TX last December. Notably, the event featured a groundbreaking moment with two consecutive slam KOs – a first in UFC history – showcasing impressive performances by both Cody Brundage and Drakkar Klose. This extraordinary event has provided us with a prime occasion to unveil a new Moments Set for Series 2: Collector's Choice 🌟

Similar to our Fan Vote challenges of the past, these Collector's Choice challenges allow completers to vote for their favorite Moment to be minted and added to their Series 2 collection. 🙌 By completing one of the three criteria listed below, you will become eligible for the Moment vote and receive an email with a poll shortly after the challenge ends to make your pick. The winning Moment will then be minted and airdropped to your account. 

This inaugural challenge will end on January 9th at 11AM PT. Participants will have the opportunity to select between those two historic knockouts and receive a Series 2 Moment featuring either Cody Brundage's Slam KO against Zach Reese or Drakkar Klose's Slam KO against Joe Solecki. As always thanks for joining the fun and continuing to Own the Glory! 


Each “path” can be completed to a maximum of ONE (1). The maximum total completions across all paths is THREE (3). 



  • Collect ONE Series 2 Rare Jalin Turner Moment (1 Total)

🔥 PATH #2: BURN 🔥

  • Burn ANY FOUR Series 2 Common tier Moments (4 Total)

    (To burn Moments, please use our Burn Tool.)


Own one of the following Champion tier Moments to complete the challenge:

  • Matt Hughes
  • Quinton Jackson


A fan-voted, Series 2 Moment of either:

  • Cody Brundage Slam KO vs Zach Reese at UFC Fight Night: Dariush vs Tsarukyan
  • Drakkar Klose Slam KO vs Joe Solecki at UFC Fight Night: Dariush vs Tsarukyan


How Fan Vote Works: Every challenge completion is worth one (1) vote. After the challenge ends, all participants will be e-mailed with a link to a form. There will be a 48-72 hour window to cast your ballots, at which point the voting will close. No votes past the deadlines will be counted. Results will be available in our Discord.

Deadline: Collectors have until 11AM PT on Tuesday, January 9th to complete the Collection Challenge to win the Reward, pending the Fan Vote. We will take a snapshot at that time to determine who meets the Challenge criteria. All criteria must be completed to earn the reward. Voting ends at 11 AM PT on Friday, January 12th. We will announce the vote winner shortly after this snapshot.

Burn Tool: To burn Moments, please use our Burn Tool. The Burn Tool will be turned off at the challenge deadline.

Completions: Each collector can complete the Challenge a maximum of three times for multiple rewards - once via each of the three paths (1, 2, 3). The final Edition size of the Moment will be equal to the number of total completions.

Reward Delivery: Once the challenge ends, we will airdrop the Moment reward to qualifying collectors based on the final snapshot. Please expect up to two weeks for reward delivery after the voting closes.