The 2023 Q1 Champion Club Airdrop has landed! We’re celebrating the members of our Champion Club (anyone who holds a UFC Strike Champion Moment) with epic Special Edition PRIDE Moments not being released in Thursday’s PRIDE Packs!

For our third quarterly airdrop, all Champion Club Members have received one (1) PRIDE FC Moment per Champ Moment held. 50% shot at receiving one of two PRIDE FC legends!

Minotauro Nogueira PRIDE FC Moment (~50% of the total Moments airdropped)

  • Opponent: Mirko Cro Cop SUB
  • Event: PRIDE FC - November 9, 2003

Shogun Rua PRIDE FC Moment (~50% of the total Moments airdropped)

  • Opponent: Alistair Overeem KO/TKO
  • Event: PRIDE FC - February 24, 2007

The exclusive collectibles were awarded to 1410 Collectors based on a snapshot Thursday, March 28 at 11AM PT validating Champion Club Membership, along with how many Champion Moments each Member held at that time.

In order to have qualified for the officially-licensed Fandom Moment, a Collector had to hold at least one Champion Moment at the time of the snapshot. 

If you’re a Champion Club Member, check out your UFC Strike Collection for your new Moment NFT(s) featuring an unforgettable highlight from UFC history! Interested in joining Champion Club? Learn more about the Champion Club Quarterly Airdrop and the rest of Membership Benefits.

What is a Champion Club Airdrop? Every quarter, Champion Club Members—UFC Strike Collectors who hold at least one Champion Tier Moment—get an exclusive airdrop as one of the many perks of membership.

What is the Champion Club? Champion Club is the exclusive membership tier for UFC Strike Collectors who hold at least one Champion Moment. 

Champion Moments are reserved only for the best, as they only feature athletes who have claimed an undisputed or interim UFC Championship belt in their respective divisions.

Champion Moments also happen to be among the scarcest and most sought-after Moments on the platform; owning one is extremely special and will place you in an exclusive group of UFC Strike collectors, the Champion Club.

What are the benefits? Beyond being recognized as among the top UFC Strike collectors, benefits for Champion Club Members will take many different forms, including in-real-life fan (IRL) benefits and platform-specific benefits. Check out all the benefits at our Champion Club Hub.

How can you get involved? The Champion Club journey rolls along as we build the future of UFC fandom alongside our legendary members. So if you are already in the Champion Club, be sure to verify your Dapper account using our Emerald City bot, and join the private Champion Club Discord Channel.

Please note: your UFC Strike Account must be in good standing to receive the benefits of the Champion Club.