The final UFC Strike Challenge of 2022 is here! Celebrate an epic year of action with the End of Year Burn Challenge

Earn up to FOUR (4) Packs, plus an exclusive Challenge Bonus if you go for max rewards! Here’s how to win 1, 2, 3, or 4 Series 0 Fully Loaded Packs and a Glover Teixeira Submission highlight! Here's how to burn + earn.


There are four paths to GLORY/Reward(s) in the End of Year Burn Challenge

  • Burn 5 Contender Moments, Get one (1) Fully Loaded Pack
  • Burn 10 Contender Moments, Get two (2) Fully Loaded Packs
  • Burn 15 Contender Moments, Get three (3) Fully Loaded Packs
  • Burn 20 Contender Moments, Get four (4) Fully Loaded Pack AND a Challenge Bonus! One (1) brand-new Glover Teixeira Moment!

Burn Tool On! Thursday, December 22 at 11AM PT.

Burn Tool Off: Tuesday, December 27 at 11AM PT

Visit the Burn Tool!

Deadline: Tuesday, December 27 at 11AM PT, the same time the Burn Tool shuts down.

Moments burned in previous Challenges do not count toward this Challenge.


Collectors will be rewarded based on the number of Contender Moments burned during the Challenge (prior to deadline).

Reward: Up to four (4) Series 0 Fully Loaded Packs, feature officially-licensed Moments from some of the best highlights of UFC history—including Champion Tier Moments from UFC athletes like Francis Ngannou, Amanda Nunes, and Alexander Volkanovski!

Challenge Bonus: Collectors who complete the Challenge Requirement the max four (4) times by burning 20 Contender Moments will receive the four (4) Fully Loaded Packs along with the Challenge Bonus! A Glover Teixeira Moment from his submission win against Ion Cuțelaba in 2019.

The Challenge Bonus Moment will be minted to completion. We will mint one Glover Teixeira Moment for every Collector who burns 20 Contender Moments during the Challenge Window. 

The Moment rarity will be determined by the amount of Collectors who earn the Moment.

  • 0-249: Fandom Tier
  • 250-2,500: Challenger Tier
  • 2501-4,999: Fandom Tier
  • 5,000+: Contender Tier

The Glover Teixeira Moment can not be minted in the Champion Rarity Tier. This is to abide with previously communicated Rarity Tier Restrictions on a fighter not having more than one (1) Champion Moment in Series 0 and Series 1. If the Moment is minted to less than 100 it will still be a Fandom Tier Moment, not a Champion Tier Moment. 


Moment Burn Challenges allow Collectors to upgrade and craft their Collection Inventory for epic Rewards while permanently removing supply from circulation! Leverage the Moments you don’t want for exclusive prizes you do want! Visit the official UFC Strike End of Year Challenge Page for more information.