UFC makes its France debut this Saturday at Accor Arena, and we’re celebrating UFC Paris with a Challenge unlike any we’ve done before. 

We’ve selected seven (7) Contender Moments that are needed to complete the Easy and Medium Modes of this Challenge. 

Easy Mode: Collect and HOLD the necessary Moments to earn a Round One Standard Pack!

Medium Mode: Collect and BURN the necessary Moments to earn an ultra-exclusive Cheick Kongo Fandom Moment!

Collect and Hold? Collect and Burn? Both? What path(s) will you choose? The Burn Tool is now open for those who wish to complete the Medium Challenge.

Choose to complete either or both Challenge Modes to continue adding the best UFC highlights as officially-licensed digital collectibles!

Challenge Begins: Thursday, September 1 at 11AM PT

Challenge Ends: Wednesday, September 7 at 11AM PT

Get the full Challenge Details here. Each challenge difficulty mode may be completed one time each per collector.

For Collectors interested in completing the Medium Mode: The Burn Tool will be turned on at the Challenge Start Time; it will be turned off at the Challenge End Time at 11AM PT on Wednesday, September 7. 


Reward: 1 Round One Standard Pack, max 1 per collector

Challenge: Own all seven (7) of the following Contender Moments!

Complete Easy Mode to earn a Standard Pack from our Round One Set, featuring UFC stars such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva and  more! Please find more information at the pack details page.

Collectors must acquire and hold the seven (7) Contender Moments at the time of snapshot to earn one (1) Round One Standard Pack.


Reward: Cheick Kongo Fandom Moment featuring one of the greatest comeback knockouts of all-time. Max 1 per collector.

Challenge: Burn all seven (7) of the following Contender Moments!

Earn Cheick Kongo’s incredible KO win against Pat Barry as an officially-licensed digital collectible. The only way to add this Fandom Moment to your Collection is by burning one of each Contender Moment listed above. 

The Burn Tool will be open until the Challenge Deadline at 11AM PT on Wednesday, September 7. 


Benefit: Automatically complete the Easy Mode and earn one (1) Round One Standard Pack. 

Requirement: Own any of the following Champion Moments to acquire the Easy Mode reward:

If you qualify for the Champion Club Pass as of the final snapshot at 11AM PT on September 7, you will receive one Easy Mode reward. Collectors who qualify for Champion Club Pass may still choose to complete the Medium Mode by burning the seven (7) necessary Contender Moments.  


Snapshot will be taken on Wednesday, September 7 at 11 AM PT. Both Challenge Modes will end at this time to determine qualified collectors across each of the three difficulty tiers.

For the Easy Mode Reward: The Round One Standard Pack will be distributed via airdrop to qualified users in the days following the Collection Challenge completion. 

For the Medium Mode Reward: The Cheick Kongo Fandom Moment will be minted to completion. The only way to earn the freshly minted Moment is by burning the seven (7) Contender Moments listed above.

Read the full UFC Paris Hybrid Challenge details!