We can’t get enough UFC 280, so we’re bringing back the Fan Vote for a consecutive week to determine what Challenge Reward is on the line. But this time, you’ll need to qualify to vote… Here's how the UFC 280 Hybrid Challenge works:

Collect at least one (1) Challenger Moment and VOTE on which of three fighters competing at UFC 280 you want to be featured as the UFC 280 Hybrid Burn Challenge Reward! (You’ll need that Challenger Moment to complete the Hybrid Challenge below!) 

Voting runs from Challenge announcement until October 17 at 11AM PT (48-hours before the Hybrid Challenge deadline) and is between the following three athletes competing at UFC 280:

  • Makhmud Muradov
  • Magomed Mustafaev
  • Muhammad Mokaev

After you choose your fighter, head to the Hybrid Challenge to earn the Fandom Moment of whomever wins the Fan Vote! 

The Hybrid Challenge requires Collectors to hold at least one (1) Challenger Moment and to BURN five (5) Contender Moments by the Challenge Deadline on October 19 at 11AM PT. Those who complete the Challenge will earn the first-ever Moment from the fighter who wins the Fan Vote!

Note: This is a different Challenge from the UFC 280 Collection Challenge starting next Thursday.


  • NOW! Vote for the Moment you want to be the Reward for the UFC 280 Hybrid Challenge.
  • VOTING SNAPSHOT: Voting ends at 11AM PT on Monday, October 17.We will announce the vote winner shortly after this snapshot! Make sure you have a Challenger Moment at this time!
  • CHALLENGE SNAPSHOT: Collectors have until 11AM PT on Wednesday, October 19 to complete the Collection and Burn Requirements of the Hybrid Challenge to win the Reward, pending the Fan Vote. 

One Reward per Collector. The Fandom Moment will be minted to Challenge Completion. 

Collectors must complete both the Collection Requirement and Burn Requirement to earn the Reward. Voting is not required to earn the Reward. Keep reading to learn how to complete the Challenge and earn the Fandom Moment.

Vote For The Challenge Reward

Voting is between the following three athletes. It will be the first UFC Strike Moment for whomever wins the Fan Vote. You must hold a Challenger Moment at the Voting Deadline for your vote to count.

  • Makhmud Muradov’s KO victory vs. Trevor Smith in 2019
  • Magomed Mustafaev’s spinning back kick knockout vs. Rafael Fiziev in 2019
  • Muhammad Mokaev’s first round submission vs. Cody Durden in 2022

Collectors will have another 48-hours following the Voting Deadline to continue completing the Hybrid Challenge and earn the Moment!

Votes will only be counted from users who submit with the email address associated with their UFC Strike Account and hold a Challenger Rarity Tier Moment at the voting deadline. You may only vote for one of the three athletes! Duplicate votes will be discarded.

VOTE NOW. Then, earn a Fandom Moment NFT of the Fan Vote Winner! 

Collect AND Burn To Earn! 

Complete both the Collection Requirement and the Burn Requirement to earn a Fandom Moment from the winner of the Fan Vote. Hold onto that Challenger Moment you used to vote, and burn any five (5) Contender Moments before 11AM on October 19.

Collection Requirement: Own any 1 Challenger Moments (1 Moment Total). This can be the same Challenger Moment used to fulfill the Fan Vote requirement.

Burn Requirement: Burn any 5 Contender Moments (5 Moments Total)

Challenge Deadline: Wednesday, October 19 at 11AM PT. 

Reward: 1 Fan Vote Fandom Moment, max 1 per collector

Collectors may burn any time before the deadline, including when the vote is still open. The Burn Tool will be deactivated at the Challenge Deadline.


Benefit: Automatically earn one (1) Fandom Moment from the winner of the Fan Vote!

Requirement: Own one of the following Champion Moments (1 Total Moment)

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Tony Ferguson

If you qualify for the Champion Club Pass as of the final snapshot at 11AM PT on October 19, you will receive one reward. There is no other action required! Except to vote of course…


Voting is open from Challenge Start until Monday, October 17 at 11AM PT. Only votes submitted by users holding a Challenger Moment as of that time will be counted.

The Hybrid Challenge will end two days later, on Wednesday, October 19 at 11AM PT. The final snapshot will be taken at this time. The Burn Tool will also be deactivated at this time. 

The Challenge Reward will be delivered shortly after Challenge Completion.