We’re celebrating UFC 278 and this week's epic three-day Lights Out Event by bringing back a Collection Challenge with three difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Complete any or all of the UFC 278 Challenge Tiers to earn exclusive rewards.

What’s on the line? Here are the potential rewards:

  • Challenge Reward Pack with three (3) Series 1 Contender Moments (ALL Knockouts!)
  • Fandom Moment from UFC 278 (voted on by Collectors)
  • Round One Premium and Standard Packs

Choose to complete one, two, or all three challenge difficulty tiers to continue adding the best UFC highlights as officially-licensed digital collectibles.

Deadline: Tuesday, August 23 at 11 AM PT 

Limit: Each challenge tier may be completed one time each per collector

Pick your Mode(s)! All THREE Modes require at least one new Moment NFT from the Lights Out Set. Hold a Champion Moment? See if you qualify for Champion Club Pass below.


Requirement: Own all six (6) Lights Out Contender Moments!

Reward: Challenge Reward Pack with THREE Moments!

Complete Easy Mode to earn a reward pack stuffed with three limited-edition Series 1 Contender Moments! Collectors must acquire and hold the six (6) Lights Out Contender Moments, which dropped this week in the Lights Out Three-Day Event.


Requirement: Own all of the following Challenger Moments (4 Moments Total):

  • Valentina Shevchenko
  • Dan Henderson
  • Kamaru Usman
  • Leon Edwards

Reward: 1 Fandom Moment from UFC 278

Collect, vote, and earn! Complete Medium Mode to earn an exclusive UFC-licensed Moment from UFC 278 this weekend! Those who complete the Challenge requirements at the time of the final snapshot will be able to vote on what highlight from UFC 278 they want to add to their collection of UFC Strike Moment NFTs. 


Requirement: Complete both steps. Own at least one (1) Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Moment AND at least one (1) of the following Champion Moments: José Aldo Champion Moment OR Kamaru Usman Champion Moment. 

  1. Collect Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Champion Moment 
  2. Collect José Aldo Champion Moment OR Kamaru Usman Champion Moment

Reward: 1 Round One Premium Pack and 1 Round One Standard Pack

A NEW ultra-rare Champion Moment dropped this week. We’re celebrating Quinton “Rampage” Jackson by making his Lights Out Champion Moment a key to completing the Hard Mode. Collect the “Rampage” Champion Moment, plus a Champion Moment of José Aldo OR Kamaru Usman to earn a Reward Pack Bundle. Collectors who complete the Hard Mode will receive a Round One Premium Pack and a Round One Standard Pack to add more premium highlights to their collections.


What is Champion Club Pass? Membership has its benefits. Certain Champion Moments are selected for Challenges as the automatic qualifier for certain Rewards. Read more about Champion Club here.

Requirement: Own any of the following Champion Moments to acquire all rewards from the Easy and Medium Challenges:

  • Quinton “Rampage” Jackson
  • Kamaru Usman
  • José Aldo

Reward: Complete both Easy and Medium Challenges automatically

If you qualify for the Champion Club Pass, you will receive one Easy Mode reward and one Medium Mode reward. There is no Champion Club Pass benefit for Hard Mode, though Collectors who qualify for Champion Club Pass can still choose to complete the Hard Mode to earn the max rewards.


Snapshot for the UFC 278 Collection Challenge will be taken on Tuesday, Aug 23 at 11 AM PT after UFC 278. All three Challenge Modes (Easy, Medium, and Hard) will all end at this time to determine qualified collectors across each of the three difficulty tiers.

For the Easy Mode Reward: The Challenge Reward Pack will be distributed via airdrop to qualified users in the days following the Collection Challenge completion. The Pack will come stuffed with three random Contender Moment NFTs. But all three will be KO Moments.

For the Medium Mode Reward: The vote on the Fandom Moment will be conducted via email starting Tuesday, August 23 (after the snapshot to determine who is eligible to vote). 

  • The eligible fighters for the vote will be announced on Sunday, August 21. 
  • Collectors who complete the challenge will receive a form to submit their vote via email shortly after the snapshot. 
  • The vote will be open for 24-hours. The selected Moment NFT will be delivered as soon as possible following the vote..

For the Hard Mode Reward: Round 1 Premium and Standard Packs will be airdropped to qualified collectors in the days following the Collection Challenge completion. 

Please visit the UFC 278 Collection Challenge page for more information on the Challenge and Rewards.