Collectors kicked off UFC Strike Legacy Week with the UFC 276 Fighters Pack Drop on Monday. Today, the celebration rolls on with a two-in-one Collection Challenge.

Celebrate UFC 276 this weekend with two distinct Collection Challenges with varying levels of difficulty and rewards. All Collectors are eligible to complete BOTH Challenges, and both Challenges run up until final snapshot at 11am PT on July 5.

The LEVEL I CHALLENGE (Easy Mode) requires collectors to acquire and hold 11 specific Contender Moments from UFC Middleweights (see the full list below). The reward for those who complete the LEVEL I CHALLENGE is a Series 1 Pack featuring three random Contender Moments. These new Moments could be useful in future Collection Challenges, Burn Challenges, or just getting started on the UFC Strike platform.

The LEVEL II CHALLENGE will give collectors who complete it the opportunity to vote on what Fandom Moment they want to see minted from UFC 276*. The Level II Challenge (Hard Mode) requires collectors to acquire and hold the Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya Fandom Moments, as well as FOUR (4) specific Middleweight Challenger Moments (see the full list below).

We're also introducing some new terminology on the heels of our Champion Club announcement. Cheat Code will now be referred to as CHAMPION CLUB PASS, and we'll continue introducing benefits for Champion Club Members in Collection Challenges.

For UFC 276, Champion Club members who own the Alexander Volkanovski, Israel Adesanya, or Robbie Lawler Champion Moment qualify for the CHAMPION CLUB PASS and will automatically acquire all rewards from the Level I Challenge and II Challenge.

The snapshot for the UFC 276 Collection Challenges will be taken on Tuesday, July 5 at 11 AM PT, a few days after UFC 276.

*For the Level II Challenge Fan Vote, if either Israel Adesanya or Alexander Volkanovski are eligible to be selected and win, the Reward will be minted as a Challenger Moment. Each fighter already has a Fandom Moment. If there are fewer than 250 completions, we will mint and distribute the remaining Moments at a later date. These Moments will never be sold in packs.


There are two Collection Challenges: Level I (Easy) and Level II (Hard), as well as a Champion Club Pass (not all Champion Moments included). Please see below for the full requirements.


CRITERIA: Own all of the following Middleweight Contender Moments (11 Moments Total):

REWARD: 3 random Series 1 Contender moments, max 1 per collector


CRITERIA 1: Own both of the following Fandom Moments (2 Moments Required):

CRITERIA 2: Own all of the following Middleweight Challenger Moments (4 Moments Required):

REWARD: 1 UFC 276 Fandom Moment, max 1 per collector.

The UFC 276 Fandom Moment Reward will be voted on by Collectors who complete the Level II Challenge as of the final snapshot on July 5 at 11am PT. Eligible collectors will receive an email to submit their vote following the snapshot and the vote will last 24 hours. The eligible fighters included in the voting ballot will be determined based on the UFC 276 results and refined by the UFC Strike Team.

If either Alexander Volkanovski or Israel Adesanya is included in the vote and win, the reward will NOT be a Fandom Moment, as each already has one. Instead, we would mint the reward as a Challenger Moment.


CRITERIA: Own any of the following Champion Moments to acquire all rewards from Level I and II Challenges:

REWARD: Automatically qualify for both Level I and Level II Challenge Rewards


Snapshot will be taken on Tuesday, July 5 at 11 AM PT after UFC 276. 

The vote on the Fandom Moment Reward will be conducted via email. The eligible fighters for the vote will be announced on Sunday, July 3. Collectors who completed the challenge will receive a form to submit their vote via email shortly after the snapshot.

The vote will be open for 24 hours. The selected Moment NFT will be delivered the week following the Collection Challenge deadline.

Please visit the UFC 276 Collection Challenge page for more information.

The Rest of Legacy Week...