Introducing our second Moment Burn Challenge, running from Saturday, June 25 at 11am PT to Wednesday, June 29 at 11am PT.

Complete the Zhang Weili Moment Burn Challenge (requirements below) to earn one (1) Zhang Weili Fandom Moment from UFC 275! To do so, visit the Burn Tool to burn 20 Series 0 Contender Moments.

Criteria: Burn any 20 Series 0 Contender Moments (Visit Burn Tool)

Reward: One (1) Zhang Weili Fandom Moment

The reward features Zhang Weili's incredible knockout in her rematch with Joanna Jędrzejczyk at UFC 275. Complete the above requirements to receive the Fandom Moment, or read below for more details on Burn Challenges.

Quick Facts:

  • Moment Burning is an irreversible process. Once a Moment NFT is burned in the Burn Tool, it is gone forever. We highly recommend that users only begin the process of burning their Moments until they have all the necessary Moments needed to complete the Challenge.
  • If you burn less than the required number of Moments needed for the Challenge by June 29th at 11AM PT, you will be ineligible to receive the reward. For Example, if you only burn 19 of the required Series 0 Contender Moments, you will not receive the Fandom Moment.
  • There is a limit of ONE REWARD per Collector. For example, if you burn 40 of the required Moments, you will still only receive 1 Fandom Moment. There is no reason to burn additional or unqualified Moments.
  • Past Moment Burns do not count toward this Challenge. Prior Moment burns will still be visible in your history, but only qualified Moments burned during the timeframe of Saturday, June 25 at 11am PT to Wednesday, June 29th 11am PT.

Moment Burn Challenge Schedule

  • NOW! Saturday, June 25th at 11 AM PT: Challenge Live! The Burn Tool is active and Collectors may begin their quests to complete the second-ever UFC Strike Moment Burn Challenge.
  • Wednesday, June 29th at 11 AM PT: The Moment Burning tool will be turned off, fans will no longer have access to Burn Moments, and a snapshot will be taken to determine the edition size for the Fandom Reward.
  • Post Snapshot: The new Fandom Moment will be minted and airdropped to eligible fans. One Reward per collector.

Fine Print

  • If a Moment that is not eligible for this Moment Burn Challenge is burned, you will not be able to recover this moment, nor will it count towards your total in completing this Challenge.
  • Fans must complete all of their Moment burnings BEFORE June 29th at 11 AM PT. Fans who have burned too few Moments or incorrect Moments will not be eligible for the reward. If you burn more than the required amount of Moments, there is no additional benefit.
  • Previous Moments which have been burned are not counted. Only qualified Moments burned in the Challenge Window will be counted.
  • Snapshot times/dates may be extended if maintenance mode or technical difficulties prevent the Marketplace or Moment Burning tool from being accessible for long periods of time.

Please visit the Moment Burn Tool to get started. We'll see you in the Octagon.