Ready for another Collection Challenge, fight fans?  

Here’s your chance to complete our new First Class Collection Challenge to get your hands on a Round One Standard Pack. These packs feature Moment NFTs from Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal, and many other UFC athletes. Please see below for the First Class Collection Challenge requirements to earn your Round One Standard Pack.

Note: this challenge is unrelated to next week’s Dojo pack drop. The Collection Challenge requirements for Dojo will be unveiled following the June 1 pack drop.


To complete the First Class Collection Challenge and be eligible for the reward, Collectors must meet BOTH Criteria 1 AND Criteria 2 listed below. 

Alternatively, as in past Collection Challenges, we have selected two CHEAT CODES that automatically qualify holders of those Moments for the Challenge Reward. Collectors who qualify for EITHER CHEAT CODE Moment do not need to complete Criteria 1 and Criteria 2.

Criteria 1: Own all of the following Contender Moments (10 Moments Needed):

Criteria 2: Own at least 1 Challenger Moment for ANY of the following athletes (1 Moment Needed):

Cheat Codes: Own at least 1 Champion Moment for any of the following athletes (1 Moment Needed):

Collectors who qualify for the Cheat Code do not need to complete the above Criteria 1 + 2. 

Snapshot will be taken on Tuesday, May 31 at 11 AM PT.


Collectors who complete the First Class Collection Challenge will receive one (1) Series 1 Round One Standard Pack.

These packs include UFC athletes such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor, and more! Please find more information at the pack details page.

Please note that fans will only be awarded a maximum of one (1) Pack, and the Pack will be delivered next month. We will update fans on this closer to the delivery date.

See you in the Octagon.