You know the press conference highlight. Now, own it. Burn to earn an officially-licensed Conor McGregor Hype NFT! 

Starting Friday, November 11 at 11AM PT, the Burn Tool will be reactivated, and Collectors have the opportunity to burn Moments for the exclusive McGregor Hype NFT, featuring his unforgettable “Who the **** is that guy?” line. 

Here’s how to earn it: 

3 ways to earn the Conor McGregor Hype NFT!

Choose one of the following three options to earn a Conor McGregor Hype NFT! We will mint one Conor McGregor Hype NFT for every Collector who completes the Challenge; no more, no less. Completing more than one will still only earn you the maximum of one (1) Conor McGregor Hype NFT per Collector.

  • Burn any 20 Contender Moments
  • Burn any 2 Challenger Moments
  • Burn any 10 Contender Moments AND Burn any 1 Challenger Moment 

Which Burn combination will you choose?

Deadline: Wednesday, November 16 at 11AM PT

The Hype NFT features McGregor’s comments prior to his lightweight title main event against Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden. McGregor’s reaction, and the clip in the Hype NFT, have broken through into UFC meme culture and beyond. 

The Conor McGregor Hype NFT Burn Challenge will end on Wednesday, November 16 at 11AM PT. The Challenge Reward will be delivered shortly after Challenge Completion.


Moment Burn Challenges allow Collectors to upgrade and craft via permanently removing supply from circulation. Leverage the Moments you don’t want for exclusive prizes you do want! 

For the Conor McGregor Hype NFT Burn Challenge, Collectors must burn Moments to earn McGregor’s timeless “Who the f*** is that guy?” video highlight as an ultra-exclusive Hype NFT!