11/1 11:00am PT Update: Brocktober Burn Challenge has ended! Pack will be distributed in the coming days. Keep an eye on your email inbox!


Welcome to Brocktober. Former UFC heavyweight superstar Brock Lesnar lands on UFC Strike with two epic Special Edition Moments, only available in Brocktober Packs. 

And there are only two ways for Collectors to get their hands on the 5,750 packs, none of which are being sold by UFC Strike… 2,119 Brocktober Packs will be rewarded to 2,119 Collectors based on certain criteria (more below), while the other 3,631 Packs can only be earned by completing the Burn Challenge.


As a thank you to those who have burned the most Moments, we’re rewarding Collectors who have burned 20+ Moment NFTs total on UFC Strike with one (1) Brocktober Pack each. 2,119 Collectors qualify for this airdrop, meaning we will airdrop 2,119 Brocktober Packs to those users in total.

Snapshot Requirement: Any Collector who has burned 20+ Moments on UFC Strike receives one (1) Brocktober Pack, airdropped to their Account on November 1.

The remaining 3,631 packs can only be earned through burning. Starting at 11am PT on October 27, burn 8 Contender Moments to earn a Brocktober Pack! Collectors can complete the Burn Challenge up to three times.


NOW LIVE! Get your hands on Brocktober Packs in the Brocktober Burn Challenge!

Packs Available: 3,631 Brocktober Packs of 5,750 Available 

Burn Requirement: Burn any 8 Contender Moments (8 Moments Total). The Burn Tool is now active!

Challenge Deadline: Tuesday, November 1 at 11AM PT OR when all Packs are earned...whichever comes first.

Reward: 1 Brocktober Pack (Max 3 Rewards per Collector)


  • Monday, October 24 at 9AM PT: Snapshot taken! We took a snapshot to determine which Collectors have burned 20 or more Moments since the Burn Tool was first introduced on UFC Strike. 
  • Thursday, October 27 at 11AM PT: Burn Tool activated! Burn 8 Contender Moments to earn one (1) Brocktober Pack. May be completed up to three times. 
  • Tuesday, November 1 at 11AM PT: Deliver Brocktober Packs based on the Brocktober Airdrop snapshot and the Brocktober Burn Challenge snapshot.

Any excess Brocktober Packs not earned via the Burn Challenge will be distributed as rewards at a later date. No Brocktober Packs will ever be sold. If all Packs are earned prior to the deadline, we will shut off the burn tool as close to that time as possible. In the chance that a user burns Moments when no packs are available, any users who burn Moments after Brocktober Packs are reserved will be compensated in Dapper Credit of equal value to the Brocktober Pack.


Each Brocktober Pack includes one guaranteed Brock Lesnar Moment, plus two other Contender Moments from different fighters. Check out all the fighters you can pull in Brocktober packs!

Pack Odds

  • 86.96% chance for a Contender Brock Lesnar, featuring his first-ever UFC victory! Plus, two other Contender Moments from other UFC athletes!
  • 13.04% chance for a Challenger Brock Lesnar, featuring his submission win over Shane Carwin, minted to just 750. Plus, two other Contender Moments from other UFC athletes!